Multi-Editor Hunting Pant Review

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Multi-Editor Hunting Pant Review

Born Primitive Outdoors: Frontier Pant

In my opinion, the first, second, and third quality needed for a good pair of hunting pants is comfort. Sure, they need to be tough, breathable, water repellent, and include some useful pockets, but nowadays it’s near impossible to find technical hunting pants that don’t check all or most of those boxes. Comfort and fit are much more evasive qualities to nail down, especially across a wide range of body types and preferences. Born Primitive Outdoors, with their roots in athletic CrossFit apparel, gets full marks from me with their Frontier Pant.

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Kevin Guillen
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Eberlestock Afterburner Pant

We all have that favorite pair of seasoned pants that we seem to reach for for just about every occasion. Whether it’s for work, hunting camp, the shooting range, or the plans your wife made last month that you forgot about. Whatever the event, they’ve always been dependable, durable, and comfortable. 

For me, Eberlestock’s Afterburner Pant has become just that. While I bought them to be a dedicated lightweight and versatile hunting pant, they’ve become much more than that and they’re the pair of pants that I reach for for just about everything. The amount of comfort these pants provide has made them my favorite on the market. The 4-way-stretch polyester fabric is completely unrestricted in movement, and the side ventilation zippers provide great heat dispersion, which is a big plus for active hunters. The fit and finish are spot on, and the sizing is true for an athletic cut. I’m 5’10, approximately 200 lb, have a size 33 waist, and the size large fits me perfectly.

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Pedram Parvin
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Kuiu Attack Pant

Living and hunting in Arizona you are exposed to a wide range of temperatures depending on the hunt and time of year. Early-season archery elk hunts are just plain hot while late-season rifle hunts can be downright frigid. Clothing for these hunts often requires a lot of options but one constant selection for me is Kuiu Attack Pants. I love the fit, comfort, and durability, but most of all, the versatility these pants offer.

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Randy Stalcup
Western Hunter Magazine Art Director / Associate Editor

Sitka Gear Mountain Pant

The Mountain Pant from Sitka is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. Does it have all of the “features” that other pants might have? No. Does it make me a better hunter? No. Does it try to convince me it will? No.

The Mountain Pant has been around for over a decade, and I have been wearing mine for about that long. I own three pairs of these pants – two in the solid “Dirt” color, and one in Optifade Open Country. The Optifade pair was with me through some formative years, mistakes, cat claw battles, bonfires, and more. It has outlasted a few girlfriends and vehicles and shows hardly any signs of wear.

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Levi Sopeland
Western Hunter Television Videographer

Browning Pahvant Pro

I have been wearing the Pahvant Pro pants from Browning for four seasons, averaging about 60 days each year. One of the three pair I have is about to enter its fifth season and is still going strong.

These are truly a multi-season pant. I transition from the Browning Early Season Pant to the Pahvant Pro as soon as the mornings drop consistently below freezing. In the later season, I add a good base layer which has served me well down to about zero.

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Chris Denham
Western Hunter Editor

Kuiu Kutana Stretch Woven Pant

After just a few deer hunts, my Kuiu Attack pants started getting torn up from all the brush, thorns, and cactus in Southern Arizona. I also felt that the fit was a little too baggy and the pants were slightly heavy/warm for this type of hunting. I began looking for a lightweight, yet durable pant and decided to switch to the Kuiu Kutana pants for these desert hunts. After just one season, I found myself wearing these in almost any condition and was impressed with the overall versatility.

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Ryan Berg
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Sitka Intercept Pant

Most serious hunters today own a slew of pursuit-specific gear. So, why wouldn’t you tailor your clothing in the same manner? The Sitka Intercept pant is specifically designed for short-range engagements with big game animals.

The Intercept is made with a bonded merino wool lining to cut down on scent and manage moisture. The outer layer is made up of nylon material to ensure abrasion resistance while making long stalks through rocky terrain. These pants come standard with a D30 knee pad that is easily removable through the large hip vents. I have now used the pants for 25 days, and they are yet to show any signs of use.

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Brody Layher
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Stone Glacier De Havilland Pant

There hasn’t been a single active hunting day in the last three years that I haven’t worn my De Havilland pants. They have been through the paces from being a packer on a Dall hunt in AK, backpacking for mule deer in ID, and trying to glass coues deer in AZ. Through all that, aside from a couple of small holes and missing zipper pulls, I don’t foresee needing another pair of hunting pants for a few more years.

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Ben Britton
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

First Lite Corrugate Foundry Pant

I’ll be honest here, I have a tough time finding pants that fit in general. When it comes to technical apparel, the problem is even worse. I could be delusional and fatter than I think I am, however, I just feel like most hunting clothes are made for dudes who skip leg day.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why I absolutely love the Corrugate Foundry Pant from First Lite. In my opinion, First Lite knocked it out of the park with these pants. 

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Joe Mannino
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor


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