Kuiu Attack Pant Review

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Kuiu Attack Pant Review

Living and hunting in Arizona you are exposed to a wide range of temperatures depending on the hunt and time of year. Early-season archery elk hunts are just plain hot while late-season rifle hunts can be downright frigid. Clothing for these hunts often requires a lot of options but one constant selection for me is Kuiu Attack Pants. I love the fit, comfort, and durability, but most of all, the versatility these pants offer.

In the last year, I’ve worn them on an archery elk hunt, two late-season muzzleloader hunts, and a Mexico Coues deer hunt. Each hunt had extremely different temperatures and weather conditions. On the archery elk hunt, I stayed cool with the zippered hip vents and mesh pockets which are great features that dump heat no matter what time of year. The fabric can stretch and breathe which allows you to move without feeling tight or bunched up.

The late-season muzzleloader hunts had below-freezing temperatures in the morning with warm afternoons. The Attack Pant allows me to wear a base layer underneath comfortably and does not feel bulky. If I need to add rain gear or insulated pants, these pants work great for layering and offer good wind protection. While hunting Mexico in January, the pants did great on several windy, rainy days that did not require the use of rain gear. Water beads off the pants easily and on the occasion that they did get wet, they dried quickly.

An additional feature that sold me on these pants is that they are available in Tall sizes. I hate short pants!

The Kuiu Attack Pant is a great all-around pant and the versatility makes it worth the money to me.

Price $149 - Buy them on KUIU.com


Randy Stalcup

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