First Lite Furnace Henley Review

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First Lite Furnace Henley Review

I have always been a big fan of the First Lite Merino Wool products, I have two pieces that make it in my pack on every hunting trip. One of those pieces is the Furnace Henley, a 350gm mostly merino blend mid-layer. If I had to describe it I would call it a thick “sweatshirt” like feel with a tough Merino outer face and a brushed fleece-like finish on the inside. I wear a Large and the fit is just right to have a thinner long sleeve underneath. What I like most is the longer fit in the torso to keep my lower back from being exposed while glassing. 

My favorite thing about the Furnace henley is its simplicity. It has one purpose, warmth. It doesn’t need a DWR, that's what my rain jacket is for. If I get cold, I'll put my puffy on. I have worn it while being active in temps in the 20s - 30s and layered over it in a lot colder. It does what I need it to do, and that's why it makes it in my pack every trip.

They named this piece appropriately. It doesn’t take me too much hiking to feel like I’m inside a furnace. It's not the most wind-resistant fabric, but that is another reason I like this piece. I run really hot, so a little A/C blowing through isn’t the worst thing. I was pretty bummed not to see the henley style on the First Lite website, but they still carry it in a hoodie and a ¼ zip. The Furnace fabric is also carried in a few different styles, like a beanie and long johns which would be good additions to a gear list as well.

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