Stone Glacier Helio Hoodie Review

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Stone Glacier Helio Hoodie Review

The Stone Glacier Helio Hoodie is a piece that gets thrown into my bag on every hunt - hot spring hunts, frigid late season hunts and everything in between. As you know, layering your clothing properly makes a huge difference with “all-day comfort”. I’ve found the Helio Hoody to be light and breathable enough to wear next to skin for a spring hunt and need almost nothing else except a jacket in the morning, and low profile enough to be added as a true mid layer in late season hunts without restricting mobility. 

The Helio Hoodie caught my attention with its appropriately sized hood, grid/waffle knitted synthetic material, and the deep ¾ chest zipper. It’s in the details that the Helio Hoodie continually earns its keep. For starters, The sleeves are the perfect length for a guy like me (I’m 6’1” with reasonably long arms). When using the built in thumb loops, the sleeves fit like a half glove which helps create warmth when conditions are on the edge of cold and just right. The overall midsection length is ideal as well - hanging snugly below your beltline so it’s not continually riding up your back. The versatile hood fits more like a skull cap on your head and acts like a plush neck gaiter when you have it down. Another key reason this piece is so versatile is because of the deep ¾ zipper allowing you to dump a lot of heat quickly when you want to increase airflow and cool down.

Aside from all of these thoughtful design features that make this piece my favorite mid-layer, the quality I keep coming back to is that it flat out fits like a glove. From the first time I put it on, and everytime after, its comfort and weight makes me feel set in all conditions.

But of course, everything has its drawbacks and the Helio Hoody comes with more of a consideration than I’d call it a drawback. The sleeves are snug, bordering tight. By no means do they feel too tight - the 93/7 poly/spandex blend and micro-grid construction helps them contour and hug your body well. However, putting on this piece over a merino long sleeve base layer can be a little awkward when the materials bind up on eachother. Sizing is true, but if you don’t like a snug athletic fit, consider sizing up so you have more wiggle room. For reference, I am 6’1” and 210 lbs and the large is an ideal size for me - perfect in length and a tapered fit. 

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