First Lite Corrugate Foundry Pant Review

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First Lite Corrugate Foundry Pant Review

I’ll be honest here, I have a tough time finding pants that fit in general. When it comes to technical apparel, the problem is even worse. I could be delusional and fatter than I think I am, however, I just feel like most hunting clothes are made for dudes who skip leg day.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why I absolutely love the Corrugate Foundry Pant from First Lite. In my opinion, First Lite knocked it out of the park with these pants. 

First off, they fit great, like really great. Now, part of that fit is because I recognize my body type and specifically bought these pants about a size too big as I like a looser fit, (you can take the 90s kid out of the JNCOs…) 

At the time I bought these pants, I was a bit heftier and at a size 40 waist. I had been wearing the Corrugate Guide pants from First Lite but they were getting a little too tight. I bought these bad boys in a size 42 and felt like a king in them.

They’re made with DWR-treated stretch nylon, so I have tons of flexibility and don’t feel like the pants are constrictive or too tight and causing any discomfort. First Lite states on the product page that these pants do have a more rigid waistline and suggests sizing up if you’re between sizes.

In the three years that I have owned these pants, I have worn them in temps ranging from 15 to 100 degrees. The large vents can really cool you off quickly, especially if you get some wind moving through there. For really cold temps, I pair the Foundry with my Kiln Long Johns and that certainly keeps me warm and cozy while I glass.

Finally, these pants are super durable and weather-resistant. Our landscape here in AZ can be pretty brutal on clothes and boots. Between all the granite, limestone, cacti, and catclaw, I can really tear my clothes up pretty quickly. So far, no matter what kind of terrain I’ve thrown at these Corrugates, they’ve answered the call. I don’t have a ton of pilling, certainly no tears or rips, and they’re still as weather-resistant as the first day I put them on. Speaking of, light rain and snow are no problem for these pants. The included knee pads are an awesome feature as well. At $205, I simply cannot recommend the Corrugate Foundry enough.

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