Western Hunter
In each issue of Western Hunter Magazine are feature stories written by passionate hunters from all over the country. The story you just read had been published in a previous issue of Western Hunter Magazine. If you want to see your hunt story in an issue, send it over.
Traditional Triumph

Hunting has taught me to seek and embrace challenges. Whether that challenge is a more primitive weapon, a tougher style of hunting, or taking the risk to invest in an out-of-state hunt, I have learned that the effort put forth only makes the whole experience more rewarding, and I can’t wait for the next adventure.

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Big Curl

I walked over 165 miles, rode horses 50 miles, and lost almost 20 lb in 24 days. The experience was a test of will and perseverance and was my hardest hunt to date. It proved to me that you have to fail in order to make corrections for success.

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Gear Legends - Nalgene

While there are literally hundreds of competitive, durable water bottles on the market, Nalgene was there first.

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Hunting Stories

Chris Denham finds redemption within the thickets of western Montana while pursuing the elusive whitetail that call these mountains home.

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Expectation vs Reality

Mark Denham has a coveted Arizona archery elk tag in hand and is joining forces with his dad Chris with hopes of arrowing a mature bull.

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State of Mind

Nate Simmons continues his quest for mule deer with a bow in the wilds of Wyoming on his public-land hunt.

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Carpe Diem

Nate Simmons searches Wyoming’s high country for mule deer but his hunt takes an unexpected turn.

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Backcountry Coues Part II

Chris Denham continues his quest for Coues deer in the rugged mountains of Arizona on his public-land hunt.

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Backcountry Coues Part I

Chris and his son Mark load up their backpacks and head into sheep country in pursuit of the elusive Coues deer that roam the Arizona backcountry.

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Uncle Buck

Nate and his Uncle Ted are in Wyoming exploring some new country in pursuit of mule deer on public land.

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