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In each issue of Western Hunter Magazine are feature stories written by passionate hunters from all over the country. The story you just read had been published in a previous issue of Western Hunter Magazine. If you want to see your hunt story in an issue, send it over.
2023 Gear Gift Guide

Christmas gear gift ideas from the Western Hunter staff.

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Marsupial Rifle Case Gear Review

Unsurprisingly, Marsupial Gear has produced another fine product with its legendary construction. This is one of the best of the […]

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Elk Therapy Part 1

Nate Simmons backpacks through some unfamiliar country on Wyoming's public-lands in pursuit of elk during archery season.

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Elk Therapy Part II
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Down to the Wire
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Mountain of Memories
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Grace Part I
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Grace Part II
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Compact Spotter Review

For just the results, navigate to the last 5 minutes or so. For the full effect, pour a glass of […]

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A Day to Remember

There’s always something special about your first time. A first kiss, first car, and first house are all deeply imprinted […]

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