Sitka Gear Mountain Pant Review

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Sitka Gear Mountain Pant Review

The Mountain Pant from Sitka is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. Does it have all of the “features” that other pants might have? No. Does it make me a better hunter? No. Does it try to convince me it will? No.


The Mountain Pant has been around for over a decade, and I have been wearing mine for about that long. I own three pairs of these pants – two in the solid “Dirt” color, and one in Optifade Open Country. The Optifade pair was with me through some formative years, mistakes, cat claw battles, bonfires, and more. It has outlasted a few girlfriends and vehicles and shows hardly any signs of wear. The knotted string zipper pulls are my only complaint in this department. They are laughable. They last about 37 seconds in the woods, and I have gotten very good at opening zipper pockets with a thumbnail. If anyone from Sitka reads this, please consider a sewn-in tab.


The fit of these pants is near-perfect. At 6’3, 215 lb, I typically wear a 34/35. I own one pair in 35 Tall and a 36 in both Tall and Regular. Even with longer-than-average legs, I can comfortably wear either. The tall may even be a touch long for me. The thighs are not skin-tight, but not flowy. The hem falls neatly around the top of my boot, and the legs don’t rub together when I walk. Stretchy material and an articulated cut make for a pant that feels natural. When I squat down, they don’t get tight. When I wear them every day for two weeks, they don’t get loose.


These are not the warmest pants available, and neither are they the most breathable. They fall right in the middle. I have worn them on 90-degree days near Phoenix and frosty, wind-chilled days on Kodiak. In the heat, they breathe well enough to not get sweaty, and in the cold, a simple pair of medium-weight long johns is plenty to keep out an icy wind.


As a cameraman, I’m big on pockets. I need options when I’m carrying camera gear, memory cards, and such. The Mountain pant has zippered thigh pockets for security with button pockets on top for accessibility. I have come to love this system when I need to change a battery quickly while filming archery hunts, especially with gloves.

I typically don’t wear the kneepads, as they are slightly cumbersome and I’m weird about my knees. However, they work great if you need them.

The only feature I find myself missing is a hip vent, but I also have one less thing to think about.

I love these pants. I would say I hope they are never discontinued, but it doesn’t matter because I will have mine until I die.

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