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Western Hunter Magazine

Western Hunter provides the top, authoritative voice in western hunting with deeply researched gear reviews, technical training, and how-to advice from professional hunters, leading experts, and a staff of active hunters with decades of experience. Subscribe today to start learning from the best western hunters in the nation.

Every issue features helpful gear reviews, tactics, information, and more from our experienced team of editors including: Nate Simmons, Mike Duplan, Chris Denham, Kristy Titus, Tony Bynum, George Bettas, Zach Bowhay, Colton Bagnoli, Kyle Greene, and Remi Warren.


Western Hunter Magazine

First published in 2003, Western Hunter Magazine has established itself as a valuable and reliable resource for its readership. With in-depth and thoughtful articles covering the latest in western hunting news, tactics, gear, and adventures, our bi-monthly publication is aimed to educate and connect with those who share our passion for western big game. From newcomers hunting the west to seasoned veterans, we work hard to ensure that each and every issue has something for everyone. If you’re a proud part of the western hunting tradition and lifestyle, we look forward to connecting with you through Western Hunter Magazine.

Gear Reviews

In-depth gear reviews and comparisons on binoculars, boots, rifles, knives, optics, and everything in between.

Expert Tips

Experienced takes on taxidermy prep, photography, shooting, archery, controversial topics, game care, e-scouting, and more.

Strategy & Tactics

Detailed strategy and tactics articles aimed to help readers succeed in the field

Hunting Stories

Unique and inspiring hunt stories by featured Western Hunters

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Super Subscribers enjoy exclusive discounts to Western Hunter Gear and select partner gear items in our shop. If you plan on upgrading your glassing setup the Super Subscription pays for itself with the savings offered for being a subscriber.

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100+ episodes of The Western Hunter television series featuring public land hunts all across the west. 1 year of bi-monthly Western Hunter Magazine issues packed with gear reviews, wide-ranging expert advice, and exciting featured hunt stories by fellow subscribers.

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