Leupold RX-5000 TBR-W Review

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Leupold RX-5000 TBR-W Review

In the accelerated technology and feature-rich age of 2024, laser rangefinders need to do more than simply range a target accurately. A prime example of surpassing this need is the RX-5000 TBR-W Rangefinder Leupold has just released in collaboration with onX Maps. The key feature within the device that shines brightest for me is its pinning feature – allowing you to mark your target on onX Hunt, Google Maps, or Apple Maps with a simple press of the range button.

Dropping a pin on your map to plan a stalk or navigate through the backcountry is not only highly useful but surprisingly effortless with the use of the new Leupold Control App (free for download in app stores). One would expect a tedious setup and needing to swap back and forth between apps – nope. You simply press “Pin Target” in the Leupold Control App, then range your target, and the technology inside takes over from there by automatically opening onX Hunt (or your preferred mapping software) with the pinned location you had laser-ed. After properly calibrating the unit, which takes less than a minute, I found the pinning accuracy to be excellent well past 1,000 yards. Click here to watch our test of the feature.

The RX-5000 boasts an impressive range capacity in Long Range mode thanks to the incredible DNA engine - 5,000 yards on reflective targets, 3,100 yards on trees, and 2,000 yards on deer-sized game. As a tool for getting my rifle on target quickly and accurately, the unit’s True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology offers me 25 selectable ballistic groups to choose from, and in my testing so far, the solutions for 7 PRC Hornady ELD-X have been spot on out to 715 yards.

There are more bells and whistles on board with the RX-5000 and the Leupold Control App that I am still discovering and testing. Without a doubt, at a highly competitive price point of $699.99, this unit is tough to beat in its weight class.

Check out our video review of the navigational features here.
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