Born Primitive Outdoors: Frontier Pant Review

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Born Primitive Outdoors: Frontier Pant Review

In my opinion, the first, second, and third quality needed for a good pair of hunting pants is comfort. Sure, they need to be tough, breathable, water repellant, and include some useful pockets, but nowadays it’s near impossible to find technical hunting pants that don’t check all or most of those boxes. Comfort and fit are much more evasive qualities to nail down, especially across a wide range of body types and preferences. Born Primitive Outdoors, with their roots in athletic CrossFit apparel, gets full marks from me with their Frontier Pant.

What drew me to these pants was the emphasis on an athletic fit and unrestricted mobility in their construction and 4-way stretch material. I can forgive a lot of shortcomings in a pair of pants, but how they fit on my hips, butt, and thighs when I’m moving around is not one of them. The design team at BPO, like myself, don’t skip leg day and must have the kind of hefty lower body that back squats get you. Not only were the sizing and out-of-the-box fit spot on, but I really began to love these pants when kneeling and maneuvering on a steep hillside while cleaning a Coues buck I killed this season. The articulated knees and gusseted crotch make a big difference when you need to be agile.

Two other qualities that I really appreciated were the weight and the reinforced panels on the knees and butt. In Arizona, you rarely find a gentle piece of ground without jagged rocks. These panels will definitely help the longevity of the pants. The weight was perfect for a late-season hunt, keeping me plenty warm in the early mornings but being breathable and vent-able in the afternoon.

While It’s very difficult for me to find anything I would change about the Frontier Pant, the width at the lower leg and cuff was a little looser than I prefer, and the side vent could either be made slightly longer or have the netting removed for more airflow. By no means were these distracting qualities for me, and these are very subjective notes.

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