First Lite Klamath Hoodie Review

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First Lite Klamath Hoodie Review

The Klamath Quarter Zip Hoodie is another First Lite piece that I absolutely love. In fact, over the last two years, I have hardly left home on a hunt without it. I consistently pair this piece with my Kiln hoody, and, in colder weather, will add my puffy jacket over top.

In general those two layering pieces are my absolute go to for most AZ hunts. Whether I am hunting in the early season or late December/January chasing rutting deer and Javelina, the Klamath is either on my person, or in my pack.

I hike a lot, and sweat is a factor when it comes to thermal regulation. In the early season, our temps can range from the high 40’s to high 50’s in the mornings, then leveling out to the 80’s during the day. At this time of the year, I will often hike in just my baselayer. While I do try to control my pace and limit perspiration, sometimes that’s easier said than done. This is where the Klamath comes in handy. When I get to my glassing point and am sweaty, I will immediately put that Klamath on and start glassing. The grid fleece is heavy enough to keep me warm but it also helps to dry my baselayer up quickly. 

During the late season hunts whenI start hiking in below freezing temps, it’s nice to have both layers on. I have employed this system in temps ranging from 15 to 40 degrees and have been comfortable every time. 

The Klamath has a hood and a deep quarter zip for temperature regulation and I use both all the time. If I move too fast or start to sweat too much, the hood comes off and I can dump heat by unzipping that collar. 

As far as fit is concerned, the Klamath is sized perfectly in my opinion. I like my hoodies to fit a little larger so that they layer well. I am 6’1”, and my weight fluctuates from 240 down to 220 depending on the time of year, (gotta love the holiday and trade-show season diet). I bought that Klamath in an XL and it has fit regardless of how many burgers and pints of ice cream I’ve crushed while on the road.

As stated above, I absolutely love the Klamath. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t have belly pockets. I do find this to be a major oversight, but have been able to live with it over the years. I have also noticed that it looks as though First Lite does not offer this piece with a hood anymore. I would assume that the Origin Hoody has taken up that role.

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