Stone Glacier M7 Pant

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Stone Glacier M7 Pant

Stone Glacier M7 Pant

When it comes to late-season big game and winter predator hunting, I have tried everything to stay warm and dry while remaining still for hours on end, glassing or calling while sitting in snow or on wet ground. Most insulating clothing for the late season is bulky and heavy which is a no-go when hiking deep into remote areas to seek un-pressured game. With countless brands offering technical apparel marketed toward the hunter in a vast array of camouflage patterns, materials, and configurations, one pant stands out ahead of the crowd for me.

Stay Comfortable

Lightweight layering is key in the backcountry, and Stone Glacier’s M7 pant has been dominating this space for me. A fleece-lined, waterproof membrane makes for the perfect outer shell when the snow is deep and the wind is blowing. This last fall, I wore these pants for all of my hunts in weather below freezing and, more often than not, below zero. This pant has kept me the warmest and driest I have been in these conditions.

Even while coyote hunting at night in Wyoming last month, with air temps in the single digits, I was able to stay comfortable in each stand with plenty of time for dogs to approach. This was made possible by my guide and hunting partner also wearing Stone Glacier M7 Pants. This kept us all on the same page as far as warmth goes.


The M7 pant retains many of the same features as the M5 pant, including the front thigh pockets and the ¾ zip side zippers which make for easy on/off over boots when layering. It also serves as a vent if you get too warm. My favorite Stone Glacier feature is the contour waist system. This system offers a universal fit regardless of your layering underneath and flexibility if you gain a few pounds in the off-season. The ability to size the Stone Glacier pants perfectly in waist size and the offer of a “tall” length option makes this an excellent technical pant for the cold-weather Western Hunter. Like everything made by Stone Glacier, you get a quality, mountain-tested product designed by guys who live the mountain life and offer the best customer service and product support.

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Colton Bagnoli

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