Gear Necessities: Body Glide

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Gear Necessities: Body Glide

When you look up the definition of hunting, I find it downright offensive that there is no mention of walking. The majority of my time hunting is spent walking around. It’s not that I dislike walking in any way, at least I don’t anymore. Ever since I found Body Glide, there is no distance that intimidates me.

I first learned about Body Glide when training for my first trip into the Grand Canyon. I think I hiked about 200 miles that year. Chafing in my undercarriage was a real concern. I was getting it when I was training, when I was hunting, it was annoying. If you have ever suffered from chafing, then this easy Amazon purchase will change your life. Body Glide is a deodorant-style anti-chafing stick that goes on dry-ish and once movement and friction start, the Body Glide is activated, allowing you to move in comfort and giving you the ability to hit a new gear.

Body Glide has become a pack necessity. I keep a 1.5oz stick in my hip belt pocket to make sure I have easy access in case of a new hot spot. I even grease up the undercarriage as a precautionary effort to help prevent the morale-killing injury known as chafing. It can be used anywhere where skin rubs skin, like the armpit area. Once sweat mixes with dirt, it can be a deadly combination.

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