Gear Necessities: Cheap, Effective Archery Field Tips

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Gear Necessities: Cheap, Effective Archery Field Tips

Remember when you were a kid, making your own bows and arrows out of whatever materials you could find in the woods or the shed?

Whether you did, didn’t, or you just don’t remember, part of that process involved finding things to use for arrowheads. They’re tricky to make, and I recall using real stone ones I’d found, drill bits, or a part of a toy I had that had a sharp point on it. If I had access to Amazon back then, I may have had a few more rabbit stew dinners than I actually did, albeit less fun.

In high school and college, I graduated to keeping a box of mismatched Walmart field points in my bow case. They never fit right, they got rusty, they didn’t pull from a target easily, I always had to screw them back in, and I just hated them in general.

This may seem like a small gripe, but I never bothered to fix it until recently. Now, I know that there are things like the field points from Iron Will which pull nicely and are machined consistently, but before I found out about those from Brody, I discovered a great, low-cost alternative on Amazon. I’m not a full-time bowhunter, so “pretty nice” is excellent for me. I also devastate arrows at archery shoots. I am a seasoned tree killer, so I replace components often.

These field points from “Rui Hui Archery” are surprisingly well-machined with tight specs on both the threads and the dimensions. They fly well, pull very easily, and they just look kind of mean. I like that. Every time I shoot with somebody, they comment on the look. They don’t look like the old-school ones. They also come with O-rings (and a bunch of extra O-rings) that sit above the threads to prevent them from spinning out or becoming loose. I also use a standard 4mm Easton Axis with a 9/32 insert, not a deep-six, half-out, outsert, or HIT, so make sure these are compatible with your arrow setup. They are offered with various thread patterns, so double-check that.

As for the company, it’s tough to know much about them. I’m pretty sure it’s one of many faces for a mass manufacturer based overseas. I don’t know anything about their broadheads, but I may check them out. The good news is that you don’t usually kill anything with field points, so trying different ones is much easier. Check them out. A dozen for 15 bucks is a pretty good deal.

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