Gear Necessities: Energizer LED Headlamp

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Gear Necessities: Energizer LED Headlamp

I originally purchased this headlamp as a backup to keep in my hunting pack about 10 years ago at my local Walmart. I don’t remember how much it was back then, but I do know that it was under 20 bucks. To be honest, I didn’t look into the specs of lumens, the battery life, or if it had different modes/settings. I just figured, “meh this’ll do”. 

It wasn’t until I actually needed my backup headlamp on a deer hunt in Arizona that I was completely blown away by how well it worked. It’s got everything you need, with nothing that you don’t. You can adjust the angle of the light with responsive clicks, it’s got a lower brightness and a higher brightness setting on white light, and a red light option for those of you who want that. It’s extremely comfortable and the battery life is amazing. I have only needed to change the batteries a handful of times, although I still keep spare batteries with me in my hunting pack just in case.  

Nowadays, this headlamp still serves as my primary headlamp. While there may be newer options on the market, I’m sticking to this, as chances are it’ll last me another 10 years. You can look into all the numbers and specs for yourself, I still don’t know how many lumens this thing has (nor do I care), because it’s been the most dependable light I’ve ever owned. 

Are there better lights on the market for more money? Absolutely. 

Does this have an app that integrates to your phone and E-truck with Bluetooth for customizable colors based on your mood? Hell no.

Honestly, with all the advancements in every product sometimes it’s nice to lean back on the ole dependable Energizer headlamp. They make an upgraded version, but you can get the same version I have in different color options for as little as 14 bucks. Buy the backup light to serve as the 6th man (that’ll be there when you need it), and it may just end up taking the starting lineup for you like it did for me.

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Pedram Parvin

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