Our 3 Favorite Camp Shoes

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Our 3 Favorite Camp Shoes

Altra Olympus 5

I get it, nothing beats a good pair of Crocs in camp, so I’m not going to try to convince you that this shoe fits the traditional definition of “camp shoe” exactly, but hear me out. I have been wearing the Olympus for a few years now and am on my third pair, so I can confidently say these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Typically these are used as my hiking shoes, but over the years they have taken on a second role as hunting travel and camp shoes.

I’ve worn a pair of Olympus in camp or for travel from Alaska to the Arizona-Mexico border and a few other states in between. I’ve set up numerous camps and even helped skin a deer. During light days, where it’s more driving-between-glassing-knobs than hiking, kick your boots off and throw a pair of these on. They have great cushion and a pretty solid sole to them so even if it is rocky or wet, you can count a good footing. Plus they are fast-drying, lightweight, and durable. I’ve walked across the Grand Canyon 3 times in a pair and never had a single issue.

Built on a solid Vibram sole these shoes have a good grip and a wide base that makes them stable for tasks around camp. Setting up a wall tent camp requires some athletic maneuvers, which in some conditions isn’t as easily done in a loose-fitting croc or slipper. Toting full, heavy coolers around, pounding in 15 large tent stakes, and unloading bags of gear can be done with confidence. Again I’m not trying to tell you to switch to these instead of a trusted pair of comfy camp shoes, but you totally could – I have.

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Ben Britton
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor


I used to think Crocs were the goofiest shoes anyone could wear. I’ll never forget when my dad got a pair while we were on vacation - he was so excited about them while the rest of us were embarrassed to be seen in public with him. While my dad was an early adopter, it took many years for me to see the utility of Crocs. It wasn’t until I was getting into backpacking and looking for a lightweight and breathable shoe to slip on when I wanted to air my feet out in camp that I joined the dark side and ordered my first pair.

There’s no need to get technical about such a shoe, but I will highlight a few reasons why Crocs have cemented their place as my go-to camp shoes. These things are lightweight, and when you’re backpacking, weight and space are everything. In addition to being light, they can easily be strapped to your backpack using the heel strap so they don’t take up any room inside your pack. (Side note: the aforementioned heel strap is helpful when you need to put your Crocs in four-wheel drive and hike around a little.) Crocs also allow for tons of airflow with small holes all over the top of the shoe - critical when you’re drying your feet and socks out after a long day in boots. Comfort is king and Crocs get another check mark in that department. In fact, they even make Crocs that are lined with a soft fleece that are much warmer and feel more like a slipper than a pool shoe. Possibly the best part, though, is that they are inexpensive. It won’t set you back much to get a pair for camp, for the trailer, and for the house.

So, I guess you could say I’m a convert. I’m confident that once you slide your feet into a pair, especially after a long, wet day in stiff boots, you will be too.

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Kevin Guillen
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Xtratuf Boots, The Official Footwear of Alaska

Seward, Alaska is the epicenter of Fourth of July celebrations in the state. It is where the cool kids of Alaska gather to party and cheer on the crazy athletes racing to the top of Mount Marathon and back. It was a rainy day the first time my wife and I were in Seward for the event. Umbrellas are for lower 48 folks; the locals wear rain gear and rubber boots. But not random rubber boots – they were all wearing a brand called Xtratuf, and I do mean everybody! Even the fashion-conscious young ladies were wearing them.

I had a pair of full-length generic rubber boots at home that got very little use, so I bought a pair of the Xtratuf 6” deck boots in case there was a dress code at a restaurant. Since then, they have turned into my favorite camp shoes. They are easy to slip on, guaranteed to keep my feet dry, and extremely comfortable. I love how easy they are to clean up – a hose down or slosh in a creek is all it takes. Five years later, they look about the same as they did the day they came out of the box.

In the last few years, Xtratuf has introduced many new designs including steel-toed boots, kids' footwear, and some legitimate dress shoes (well, dressy by my standards). Prices vary from about $70 up to $120 which is a bargain.

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Chris Denham
Western Hunter Editor


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