Gear Necessities: GIGA PUMP 2.0 Electric Portable Air Pump

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Gear Necessities: GIGA PUMP 2.0 Electric Portable Air Pump

When you’ve spent all day hiking your ass off, the last thing you want to do is spend 5-10 minutes blowing your precious air into your sleeping pad. Heaven forbid you want to try and get a fire going. By the time you’re ready to get into your bag, you’ll feel like you just left a Phish concert.

The Giga Pump 2.0 is the perfect solution. The little Chinese-made pump fills your pad in just a couple of minutes and helps you get even the peskiest fires going. I have turned more heads in campsites than ever with this thing. As soon as it starts buzzing everyone wants to know what it is and what it does. Soon thereafter, they’re asking to borrow it. The battery life has been surprisingly good for its size. I’d say it’ll fill up your pad 10 times before you need to recharge it. It recharges via USB-C, so it doesn’t take more than an hour to charge to full.

If you’re looking to spend less time with your lips on your pad, grab one of these things and don’t look back.

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Brody Layher

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