Stone Glacier De Havilland Pant Review

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Stone Glacier De Havilland Pant Review

There hasn’t been a single active hunting day in the last three years that I haven’t worn my De Havilland pants. They have been through the paces from being a packer on a Dall hunt in AK, backpacking for mule deer in ID, and trying to glass coues deer in AZ. Through all that, aside from a couple of small holes and missing zipper pulls, I don’t foresee needing another pair of hunting pants for a few more years.

With the Contour Waist™ System, I do not need a belt, which is super nice when hiking around all day with a pack on. I typically wear a size 36, and the XL fits perfectly with the velcro right around the middle. They were a bit baggy below the knees when I got them, but a quick and cheap trip to the local seamstress made them fit exactly how I wanted.

The hip vents are a tad on the long side, so I typically don’t unzip them all the way, but the part I really like about them is that there isn't a mesh on the inside. When you’re burning up and need to cool off quickly, it's nice to be able to open them up wide. The deep pocket designs hold everything you need on your body, like gloves, a phone, a light beanie, and a snack. These have been my favorite hunting pants I’ve ever worn, hands down.

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