Kuiu Kutana Stretch Woven Pant Review

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Kuiu Kutana Stretch Woven Pant Review

After just a few deer hunts, my Kuiu Attack pants started getting torn up from all the brush, thorns, and cactus in Southern Arizona. I also felt that the fit was a little too baggy and the pants were slightly heavy/warm for this type of hunting. I began looking for a lightweight, yet durable pant and decided to switch to the Kuiu Kutana pants for these desert hunts. After just one season, I found myself wearing these in almost any condition and was impressed with the overall versatility. Because these are abrasion and pick-resistant, they are tough enough to wear as a standalone outer layer and still have not pilled after three seasons of use. These are extremely lightweight (under 14 oz), so I wouldn’t put them in the “brushbuster” category, especially because I still get poked by the occasional thorn or cactus while wearing them. However, it’s a tradeoff I have been willing to make, and the weight-to-durability ratio seems to be the perfect combination for me.

By themselves, I don’t consider the Kutanas to be warm enough under about 50 degrees, but they are stretchy enough that I can wear a base Merino pant underneath for the late season. If I get too warm, the zippered legs are perfect to let some air in and regulate body temperature without having to strip down layers.

As for the fit, I like that the legs, specifically around the calves, are tapered and fit more snug than most hunting pants. This has reduced snagging and makes them more comfortable when wearing gaiters in the snow or slipping into a pair of waiters while out duck hunting. With proper layering, I really don’t have any limits on when I can wear these pants. From deer and javelina in Arizona, elk in Colorado, hogs in Texas, to snow geese in Nebraska, the Kutanas have been my opening-day go-to pants on every hunt. With all the color options, I don’t even shy away from wearing them in the office. There might not be a perfect pant for everything, but I don’t see myself changing up my system anytime soon.

Cost: $169 - Buy them on KUIU.com


Ryan Berg

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