Sitka Intercept Pant Review

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Sitka Intercept Pant Review

Most serious hunters today own a slew of pursuit-specific gear. So, why wouldn’t you tailor your clothing in the same manner? The Sitka Intercept pant is specifically designed for short-range engagements with big game animals.

The Intercept is made with a bonded merino wool lining to cut down on scent and manage moisture. The outer layer is made up of nylon material to ensure abrasion resistance while making long stalks through rocky terrain. These pants come standard with a D30 knee pad that is easily removable through the large hip vents. I have now used the pants for 25 days, and they are yet to show any signs of use.

I started using them on scouting trips in early August to see if they would be breathable enough to wear all day in the 100+ degree Arizona sun, and I came away pleasantly surprised. The material itself is not as breathable as, say, the Ascent pants from Sitka, but the large, well-designed hip vents make up for that in spades.

I normally tuck my pants into the top of my socks when I am beginning to close the distance, but with these pants, that doesn’t feel necessary. The cut is such that there isn’t a ton of extra material waving around near your boot and causing unwanted noise. That said, the pants aren’t so tight that you look like a Bozeman hipster, either.

I wish I had a pair in a solid color because of their “pajama pants” feel. They are extremely comfortable. If you visited the Outdoorsmans in August, you may have seen me in them because I didn’t want to change out of them after my morning hunts.

The only downside I have found with these pants won’t affect most of the population. For my tall and skinny body type, they don’t fit perfectly. I am a size 32” waist with a 36” inseam, so the closest size I could get was a 34” Tall, which is a 34” inseam, and they fit just how I would expect. They’re loose around the waist, and around the ankles, it’s like I am preparing for a flood. Most normal-sized individuals will have no problem with the fit.

If you plan on being in tight with critters, the Intercept should be on your radar.

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