Best Bino Harnesses of 2024

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Best Bino Harnesses of 2024

This review is a little different. Instead of one person making a ranked list, we gave our editors the task of each writing their experience with a particular model throughout a season. This is not a complete list, but we felt it was a good representation of the most popular brands and models. Each of these quick reviews includes a link to a full review, so check those out if you're interested!

Kifaru Deluxe Bino Harness

The separation in binocular harnesses these days is in the nuanced details. Of course, the bucket needs to fit your binoculars, and the harness needs to fit your chest, but once those needs are met, you enter a world of personal preference and details that get fleshed out in the field. The reputation Kifaru has, including the little details and design features that make a difference in the field, is what drew me to the Kifaru bino harness. That, and I knew it was going to be built to last, and last it has. So far this harness has been with me on two bear hunts, a week on Kodiak, bushwhacking through alders and salmonberries, and a hunt through southern Arizona cactus country, and it truly looks the way it did the day it was delivered[...]

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Kevin Guillen
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

T&K Gen 2 Binocular Harness

This is a review of the Gen 2 Harness. The latest edition, Gen 3.1, is available here:

I picked up the T&K Gen 2 Bino Harness back in early 2021. I had been using a non-enclosed Marsupial harness that I still really like, but I wanted something that provided more coverage. T&K caught my eye for a few reasons. I love their no-BS attitude, build quality, and insistence on keeping every product sourced and built in the USA. It’s still my go-to harness to this day[...]

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Joe Mannino
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Eberlestock Recon Bino Harness

When I began looking for a new bino harness, I wanted to find one that solved some of the problems I had with my previous models from other brands. I found my previous harnesses either lacking ease of accessibility with pockets that are frustrating to take items out of, lacking sufficient and usable space for my need-to-have items (bino adapter, multi-tool, calls, etc) in the field, or simply sitting awkwardly because the fit was too bulky and obtrusive. 

The Recon bino harness was specifically designed with modularity and durability in mind. As hunters, we all know that some hunts require more accessible gear than others, and the Recon can be easily scaled up or down with all of its available modular accessories[...]

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Pedram Parvin
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Marsupial Fully Enclosed Bino Harness

There is quite a bit to like about the Marsupial Gear Fully Enclosed Bino Harness. I’ve been running my current setup for about four years and have no desire to switch. The lid folds forward with magnets sewn into the edge of the lid and bottom of the pack which makes it easy to run open or closed. I have never really been too worried about the quiet snap it makes when closing. I run a pair of Swarovski 12x50 ELs in a size Medium, and the grippy material of the binos can hang up on the interior of the pouch at times, but again, not a big enough deal to make me want to switch[...]

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Ben Britton
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

Alaska Guide Creations - Alaska Classic Max

About seven years ago, as I started to venture out from the dense wet forest of western Washington into the more intermountain west of the United States, I knew I had some gear updates that I wanted and needed. Toward the top of that list was a bino harness that could keep my new expensive (expensive to a broke college kid) binoculars dry, easy to access, and protected from damage. On came the long search for the specific design and fit that I thought would meet all those needs.

Not really knowing what companies at the time were making these, a post on a Rokslide forum about this Alaska Guide Creations harness caught my eye. Before going down the rabbit hole too much, I decided to contact them and order one right away. Quickly, I realized this harness had much more use than just what I thought I needed in a bino holder[...]

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Chad Dembinski
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

FHF Pro-M Bino Harness

The world of binocular harnesses has changed dramatically in the past five years. At first, there were neck straps, then the Rick Young harness, then came a handful of full rigs made from Cordura. FHF was one of the first few companies to produce a system that would not only hold your binoculars but also protect them from the elements and impacts. 

The FHF Pro-M is one of the most recognizable bino harnesses on the market. It features a simple bungee-style closure that is easy to operate with one hand. It is made of American-made Cordura and features one zip pocket on the front and another non-zip pocket that will easily house a tube of chapstick or a handful of 60A surgical blades. On either side of the harness, there are mesh drop-in style pockets, one of which will come with FHF’s custom wind checker bottle.

If you’re looking for a no-frills style harness that will last you a lifetime, you may want to check out this classic from FHF[...]

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Brody Layher
Western Hunter Magazine Field Editor

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