Eberlestock Recon Bino Harness Review

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Eberlestock Recon Bino Harness Review

When I began looking for a new bino harness, I wanted to find one that solved some of the problems I had with my previous models from other brands. I found my previous harnesses either lacking ease of accessibility with pockets that are frustrating to take items out of, lacking sufficient and usable space for my need-to-have items (bino adapter, multi-tool, calls, etc) in the field, or simply sitting awkwardly because the fit was too bulky and obtrusive. 

The Recon bino harness was specifically designed with modularity and durability in mind. As

hunters, we all know that some hunts require more accessible gear than others, and the Recon can be easily scaled up or down with all of their available modular accessories. They currently have seven Recon accessories which include a utility pouch, rangefinder pouch, hand warmer, quickcase, rain fly, bear spray pouch, and MOLLE panel. All of these modular accessories can be utilized within seconds, allowing you the ability to customize your bino harness to your needs for all of your specific hunts no matter the conditions.

My favorite feature is the large front zippered pocket because it provides a useful and organized storage area that I can get to quickly. The front zippered area has elastic pouches sewn in to help keep things quiet and separate for when you need them. They even have a webbed opening that keeps those smaller items from falling out. They put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of this harness, fully maximizing the space.

The comfort level on the Recon is better than any harness I’ve ever worn. The wings on the sides of the harness help contour the harness and accessories directly to your body, making for a much better and streamlined fit. The Recon has a large footprint MOLLE panel on your back, allowing you to stay comfortable and add on any additional accessories you may want, such as a hydration system for an ultra-minimalist setup.

I must say, I don’t have any gripes with this binocular harness because if there are times I need more space, I add extra accessories. If I want fewer items, I simply downsize my accessories. Some people don’t want any magnets, so if magnetic closure is a dealbreaker, you may want to look at one of their other bino harness options. I have never had any issues with mine, and I prefer the magnetic closure.

I highly recommend looking at some informative YouTube videos on this system, so you can truly see all of the possible configurations and features. Overall, the Recon is quiet, durable, and extremely functional which is why it's my favorite bino harness on the market.

$129 Buy now on Eberlestock.com

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