T&K Gen 2 Binocular Harness Review

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T&K Gen 2 Binocular Harness Review

This is a review of the Gen 2 Harness. The latest edition, Gen 3.1, is available here:

I picked up the T&K Gen 2 Bino Harness back in early 2021. I had been using a non-enclosed Marsupial harness that I still really like, but I wanted something that provided more coverage. T&K caught my eye for a few reasons. I love their no-BS attitude, build quality, and insistence on keeping every product sourced and built in the USA. It’s still my go-to harness to this day.

First and foremost, this thing is absolutely bombproof. T&K uses 1000 denier cordura on almost all of their products. I have worn that bino pack all over Arizona in all types of weather conditions, and outside of some dirt and charcoal marks (hunted a burned-out area a couple of times), the thing looks brand new. To that point, it’s awesome knowing that my glass is protected no matter what the conditions or how much brush I have to break to get to my glassing point.

The pack itself is a real simple, yet effective design. It’s a top-down, forward-opening pack with one large main compartment. There is one extra zippered pocket on the back that’s great for tags, diaphragm calls, or any other flat item. Magnets are used to hold the pack either closed or folded open.

I really like this pack because it’s simple, easy to use, and can handle all the punishment of hunting out west. I also really love the MOLLE attachment points along the sides. Most other bino harness systems allow for accessory attachment along the straps. This isn’t a bad location in the slightest, however, I love that my Admin and Ranger pouches attach to the side of the bino pack. For me, this provides a lower profile and a more compact fit and feel. I certainly have zero issues shouldering a rifle or shooting my bow.

Another feature that stands out is the large back plate on the shoulder harness. This seems like a minuscule detail, but it provides for a better, more comfortable fit. It’s hardly noticeable when you’re wearing it and helps keep your straps from twisting on you. The shoulder straps are also lightly padded, which is another nice feature. I had some concerns that the padding would be cumbersome while wearing my pack, but I was pleasantly surprised with how little I noticed that padding.
Finally, when it comes to accessories, T&K has a slew of different pouches and accessories for use with their Binocular Harness. All of their products are competitively priced with the Gen 2 harness sitting at $130.00. Their latest version, the Gen 3.1 Bino Harness, retails for $155.00.

$130 Buy now on Outdoorsmans.com

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