Marsupial Fully Enclosed Bino Harness Review

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Marsupial Fully Enclosed Bino Harness Review

There is quite a bit to like about the Marsupial Gear Fully Enclosed Bino Harness. I’ve been running my current setup for about four years and have no desire to switch. The lid folds forward with magnets sewn into the edge of the lid and bottom of the pack which makes it easy to run open or closed, and have never really been too worried about the quiet snap it makes when closing. I run a pair of Swarovski 12x50 ELs in a size Medium, and the grippy material of the binos can hang up on the interior of the pouch at times, but again, not a big enough deal to make me want to switch.

Feature-wise, the side and front pockets are on the tight side. I use the zippered front pocket for tag, license, and backup bullets, the side pockets have enough room for a wind indicator on one side and my Outdoorsmans adapter on the other. If you are looking to carry a lot on your chest, you would want to add an extra side accessory pouch, as I do on mine.

The Padded Mesh Harness system is very comfortable, as it is wide enough to carry the weight of the binos without cutting into your skin. This harness also comes with safety tethers that can hook up directly to the sides of the binoculars to keep them from falling out, but I have never done that because it's a pain when you stop and set up your tripod as frequently as we do.

Overall, I highly recommend the Marsupial Gear Fully Enclosed Bino Harness. It has worked and will work for me, and I have no doubt it will work for anyone.

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