FHF Pro-M Bino Harness Review

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FHF Pro-M Bino Harness Review

The world of binocular harnesses has changed dramatically in the past five years. At first, there were neck straps, then the Rick Young harness, then came a handful of full rigs made from Cordura. FHF was one of the first few companies to produce a system that would not only hold your binoculars but also protect them from the elements and impacts. 

The FHF Pro-M is one of the most recognizable bino harnesses on the market. It features a simple bungee-style closure that is easy to operate with one hand. It is made of American-made Cordura and features one zip pocket on the front and another non-zip pocket that will easily house a tube of chapstick or a handful of 60A surgical blades. On either side of the harness, there are mesh drop-in style pockets, one of which will come with FHF’s custom wind checker bottle.

I was scared of the non-forward-facing design at first, but after a handful of days it became second nature, and it's arguably quieter than most forward-facing bino harnesses. The soft interior with no sticking points makes it extremely easy to remove my binoculars even in those in-tight situations.

On a recent hunt, I got into a situation where another hunter (damn Californians) bumped a buck I was stalking and I had to run over a ridge to cut the buck off some 500 yards away. While I was running, I remember thinking about how well the bino harness stayed in place and didn’t bounce around like a scene from Baywatch. I also appreciated the minimalist strap design keeping the sweat down while I ran.

My one gripe with the harness is that the side buckles are not auto-locking. They are normal pull-style buckles, so in my experience, they will loosen up over a day of hunting, causing the harness to sag a little bit.

If you’re looking for a no-frills style harness that will last you a lifetime, you may want to check out this classic from FHF.

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