Alaska Guide Creations - Alaska Classic Max Review

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Alaska Guide Creations - Alaska Classic Max Review

About seven years ago, as I started to venture out from the dense wet forest of western Washington into the more intermountain west of the United States, I knew I had some gear updates that I wanted and needed. Toward the top of that list was a bino harness that could keep my new expensive (expensive to a broke college kid) binoculars dry, easy to access, and protected from damage. On came the long search for the specific design and fit that I thought would meet all those needs.

Not really knowing what companies at the time were making these, a post on a Rokslide forum about this Alaska Guide Creations harness caught my eye. Before going down the rabbit hole too much, I decided to contact them and order one right away. Quickly, I realized this harness had much more use than just what I thought I needed in a bino holder. With four different zipper pouches, I was able to stock them with essentials. If I were ever to drop my pack, I would have the critical items I needed if I was away for a longer period of time. 

What I really like about this harness is the extra bottom pouch where I keep my tags, extra lens wipes, or other miscellaneous items, and the elastic straps on top. The elastic has not stretched and will fit my phone tightly so I have quick access to my maps. The material is extremely durable and water resistant, which is huge, along with a rigid main compartment, making it easy to pull out and insert binos with no resistance. I know most companies have gone away from the front-opening lid, but I prefer this as it's quiet, which when on a stalk can make all the difference in unnatural sounds around animals.

I have had this same harness for almost seven years and have zero complaints, minus the buckles. They have since added locking buckles which will solve the falling down issue of the past generation. As a pioneer in the bino harness industry, Alaska Guide Creations should be on everyone's list of gear to try and check out.

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