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    Colorado Mule Deer in 2021

    Decisions made from afar can have dire consequences on mule deer. There’s a familiar conversation about mule deer that we […]
    Boot Care

    HuntDIY member, Matt Elliott, takes you through the entire process of cleaning and treating your boots, start to finish, so that they can keep up on your hunts, start to finish.

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    How to Tie in Your Peep

    Ty Colton, of Archery Invasion, demonstrates how to tie a peep into place so that it's locked in where you set it.

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    A True Hunting Bow Test

    In this video Zach tests and compares 6 top of the line bows.

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    Trail Camera Strategies

    In this video Zach discusses strategies for great pictures with trail cameras.

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    Glassing with a Tripod

    In this video Zach discusses the system that HUNTDIY uses and the benefits.

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    Corey Jacobsen discusses how to be more successful this elk season.

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    Hunting with a Decoy

    Watch Zach talk about proper decoy placement.

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    Ranch Hand Replacement Bumper Review

    R. Cade Powell reviews the Ranch Hand Replacement Bumper.

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    Filtering your way to success with goHUNT's INSIDER

    Researching a new hunting area has never been easier. The internet is a powerful tool for hunters and the team at has taken research to the next level with INSIDER.

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    Swarovski Launches X5 Long-Range Riflescope

    This article was originally published in the Fall 2015 Elk Hunter Magazine.  I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve […]

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