Bucket List: Caribou

    Every big game hunter out there owes it to themselves to go North to hunt at least once, if not […]
    Horse Packing Equipment - the New and the Old

    Although using stock in the backcountry isn't a new tactic, it doesn't mean you are stuck using the same old equipment.

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    Best in the West: Bow Sights for the Western Bowhunter

    Western bowhunters require more from their bow sights than our whitetail hunting brethren. Our average shot distances are double that […]

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    Grinding Hamburger

    Taking the Scrap and Making it Delicious We’ve carved up our elk and made use of all the best steaks […]

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    More Than The Minimum

    Taking all the meat you can should always be job #1 We spend a lot of time talking about how […]

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    Gearing Up Your Body

    Get the inside track on gear that will better your performance On the mountain, your body is already being challenged. […]

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    Meat from a Bull Elk

    For this installment of Field Judging, I thought I’d go a bit of a different direction than our normal “How […]

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    What’s in a Multi-Tool?

    There are many reasons to carry a multi-tool in the field. There are just as many factors to consider prior […]

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    Training Gear

    By Chris Denham For the western hunter, summertime means training season. Whether you’ve drawn that coveted limited entry tag or […]

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    WHM's Top Laser Rangefinders

    4 of Today's Top Long-Range Laser Rangefinders There are literally dozens upon dozens of laser rangefinders on the market. We have […]

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    Boot Care

    Whether you spend $100 or $500 on your hunting boots, it is critical that you take proper care of them. […]

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