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    Colorado Mule Deer in 2021

    Decisions made from afar can have dire consequences on mule deer. There’s a familiar conversation about mule deer that we […]
    High Value, Low Budget - Part II

    Butt Pads This is a new one for me, my mom says I am “built like a buffalo, all shoulders […]

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    High Value, Low Budget - Part I

    Jason Amaro outlines the items in his pack that he considers to be "high value, low budget" necessities.

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    Elk Fit – Man vs. Elk

    Dan's tips for getting into shape for your elk hunts.

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    Preparation for the Mountain - How Fit is Fit Enough?

    "I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is to just keep it real. You don't have to be a world-class endurance athlete to hunt the mountains. However, heading into a hunt like this with poor preparation will not only likely leave you disappointed, but it might also ruin much of the enjoyment of the hunt you came there for in the first place..."

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    Staying on Track in the Off Season - Wilderness Athlete Review

    Let’s face it – most of us have, at one time or another, gone on a health “kick”.  We’ve tried […]

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    Backpacking Gear List by Backcountry Editor Nate Simmons

    "This is the list that over a decade of backpack elk hunting has brought me to. As you’ll see, there are many things I take along with me..."

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    Randy Ulmer: High Level Scent Elimination

    "The problem with early season elk hunting is that it is usually warm, and if you’re like me, you’re typically moving (and sweating) a great deal. I have two different scent control regimens I use, depending on whether I’m hunting from a vehicle camp or hunting from a backpack camp..."

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    Hydration 101

    "Pushing your body in the backcountry in less than ideal physical condition is hard; pushing a poorly conditioned, dehydrated body is downright dangerous due to increased risk of heart attack and hyperthermia..."

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    Elk Fit

    “Dude, I need a breather,” I shamefully murmured to my hunting partner. I was struggling to hike the last load […]

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