High Value, Low Budget - Part II

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High Value, Low Budget - Part II

Butt Pads

This is a new one for me, my mom says I am “built like a buffalo, all shoulders no butt”.  It is something that in time, I come to accept and it usually isn’t that big of a deal, unless I am trying to sit in the outdoors.  Most spot-and-stalk and even still Hunters will tell you that some of the keys to success are being patient, movement free and comfortable.  All of these tasks are pretty easy when you are sitting in your Lazy-Boy at home, eating ding-dongs and ho-ho’s...  but try doing that on a rocky hill-side where the only thing that grows on the rocks are cacti.  It just isn’t going to happen.  Butt pads can save the day, I have used them while glassing, sitting water and most recently when still hunting Coues deer scrapes during the rut.  There are a ton of styles; I used everything from my College Alma-maters bleacher seat to a nice Jim White Pad.  Both are nice and both have their place but at the end of the day I always end up using the bleacher seat, it is light-weight and functional.

Range Snaps

Every time I use mine I kick myself because I think to myself “Argh, I should have thought about this first.”  It is what it sounds like it is, a snap that lets you attach items like range finders, cameras, GPS and just about anything that you can think of to your shoulder strap or any thin piece of material.  The simplicity of this product is great, Snap it, Range it, Shoot it.  You can find more information and see a video about the Range Snap at www.jaciarchery.com 

By Jason Amaro - TheNewMexicanSportsman.com


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