Staying on Track in the Off Season - Wilderness Athlete Review

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Staying on Track in the Off Season - Wilderness Athlete Review

Let’s face it – most of us have, at one time or another, gone on a health “kick”.  We’ve tried this workout routine, or that product, but it is rare that we actually stick with it.  This time of year is especially rough on our health, diet, and fitness.  The hunting season is, or almost is, over for many of us.  The holidays are here, and along with the good times come a lot of good eats.  Then the New Year will be here, and if you are like a lot of folks, January 1st will bring reflection, regrets and resolutions.

When I assess my health and fitness over the past year I am proud to say that I have no regrets.  Could I have been better?  Of course!  But, overall, the past year has been nothing but huge leaps forward for me.

I have worked hard over the last year to lose weight, build strength, and increase cardiovascular endurance.  The plan that I have followed was a simple one – use common sense, work hard, and make good nutritional decisions.  I have also been using Wilderness Athlete products regularly over the past year to help support my hard work and balanced diet.

I don’t believe in miracle products or shortcuts to success.  No supplement can work miracles, or replace hard work and smart nutrition.  However, I do think that Wilderness Athlete products can help you train at a higher level, and hunt more effectively.  That is why I use Wilderness Athlete.

One of the packages that Wilderness Athlete offers is their 28 Day Reboot, which includes Hydrate & Recover, Energy & Focus, Lean Life, Green Infusion, Multi-Vitamin, Probiotic, and Meal Replacement.  I didn’t do the 28 Day Reboot specifically, but I have tried each of these products over the past year.  Let’s take a look at my three favorites, which I use year-round…

Hydrate & Recover

There are a lot of “sports drinks” on the market, many of which are nothing more than water, simple sugars, salts, and artificial flavors.  Hydrate & Recover is different.  The formula in H&R is balanced and isn’t loaded with simple sugars.  In addition to battling dehydration and supplying a proper balance of electrolytes, Hydrate & Recover also includes B vitamins, amino acids, and Glucosamine to help your joints recover after taking a pounding on the trail.  One of the very practical benefits of Hydrate & Recover is simply that it tastes good, and because I enjoy drinking it, I find that it helps me stay hydrated when I would otherwise neglect drinking water during training or hunting.

Energy & Focus

We have all seen the mass of energy drinks that have flooded the market over the past few years.  These drinks may give a quick boost, but they also make me feel jittery and leave me with a bad crash.  I have found that Energy & Focus gives me the boost that I need, without the side-effects.  And in addition to Energy & Focus providing energy, it also has a good portion of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as some key amino acids.  Like Hydrate & Recover, Energy & Focus isn’t loaded with simple sugars; mix the two together and you have what has become known as a “Superman”, which is my favorite drink for battling a long day of hunting or a tough, multi-hour trail run.

Meal Replacement

Making smart nutritional decisions can be tough, especially when you are juggling a crazy schedule and trying to eat on the run.  I don’t always have time to prepare quality, whole foods, and the temptation in those moments is to turn to what is quick and easy, which also tends to be unhealthy.  In those situations I turn to Wilderness Athlete’s Meal Replacement & Recovery Shake.  Unlike a lot of other shakes or meal-replacement bars, this shake actually tastes good!  It is loaded with 18g of protein, as well essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fatty acids.  In addition to using this shake as a smart choice for an on-the-go meal replacement, I also use it to recover after long, intense workouts – your body needs quality calories to restore depleted nutritional resources, and this shake will do just that.

I have always been a supplement skeptic, and I still don’t believe that any product eliminates the need to work hard and eat smart, but there is no doubt in my mind that using Wilderness Athlete products has helped me achieve my health and fitness goals.  If you are looking for something to help you go farther –in training, or in the wilderness – I would encourage you to take a look at Wilderness Athlete’s line and see what products may help you achieve your goals.

Mark Huelsing is a passionate bowhunter, freelance outdoor writer, and Elite Archery Pro Staff member.  Mark became a hunter by pursuing whitetail deer in his home state of Missouri, but for years he has been obsessed with the dream of chasing elk in the high wilderness of the West - on a do-it-yourself backpack hunt.  In 2013 Mark’s dream will become reality.  Follow Mark throughout the year as he discusses everything it takes for a non-Westerner to plan for, prepare for, and then execute their dream hunt.  He will be sharing this journey on his site, Sole Adventure, as well as with our readers here at the Western Hunter Magazine blog.


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