Strategy & Tactics

Knowledge and information geared to help you prep for your hunt and execute in the field.

Late-Season Backpack Hunting

While many guys day hunt from home or a luxurious base camp when winter starts setting in, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of a bivy camp while staying comfortable and safe, with not much more than a little extra thought and planning.
The Art of Elk War

For as long as man has been on this planet, we have engaged in war. Whether with sharp sticks or […]

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What You Should Carry in Your Hunting Pack & Why

The difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable hunt can depend on what items you have in your pack.

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Wilderness Survival Rules and Tenets

Steve Opat lives a life centered around surviving in the wilderness, so be prepared and read his rules and tenets of survival.

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Mountain Lion Hunting - How, Why, When, and Where

Mountain lions are the most elusive species in North America, and only hounds can help better research and management

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Early Season Mule Deer Hunting Tactics

Follow these early season mule deer tactics to help maximize your glassing and hunting time in the field.

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Tips for Selecting & Training Hunting Hounds

Kyle shares his basic foundational method for starting young hounds aimed at developing confident individual hunting dogs.

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Navigating the Backcountry Horseback Hunting

Learn how to travel through remote areas riding stock using age-old and modern techniques from the hunting horsemen.

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How to Getting Started Bowhunting

Suffering from adult-onset bowhunting and don't know where to start? Darin shares his rules for how to become a bowhunter.

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How to be More Successful Mule Deer Hunting - Part 3

Mike Duplan shares some of his experiences and the variables you can change to become a better mule deer hunter.

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Tips to More Success on Over-the-Counter Elk Tags

Follow these simple techniques from Remi for more success during an over the counter elk hunt.

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