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"For the most part, hunters look at fall bears as an opportunity type of species. We all have a bear tag in our pocket during the Fall, but only fill it by happenstance if one presents itself while out elk or deer hunting. Not many solely focus on bear hunting in the fall, especially in the southwest when compared to its trophy elk and mule deer opportunities..."
Tips for Selecting & Training Hunting Hounds

Kyle shares his basic foundational method for starting young hounds aimed at developing confident individual hunting dogs.

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Navigating the Backcountry Horseback Hunting

Learn how to travel through remote areas riding stock using age-old and modern techniques from the hunting horsemen.

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How to Getting Started Bowhunting

Suffering from adult-onset bowhunting and don't know where to start? Darin shares his rules for how to become a bowhunter.

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How to be More Successful Mule Deer Hunting - Part 3

Mike Duplan shares some of his experiences and the variables you can change to become a better mule deer hunter.

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Tips to More Success on Over-the-Counter Elk Tags

Follow these simple techniques from Remi for more success during an over the counter elk hunt.

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Hunt Different Elk Habitat for More Success

Although this area might not be as pretty as classic elk country, the "fringe areas" might lead to quality elk hunting.

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Backcountry Hunting Ethics

Hunting ethics is something we all face eventually and learning from others' experiences will help us avoid bad encounters.

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How to Use Trail Cameras for Predators

Trail cameras aren't normally used for predators but these tips will make you add them to your predator hunting strategy.

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6 Ingredients to Stalking Archery Antelope

Antelope eyes perfectly suited for defense against predators; follow Remi's 6 Ingredients to stalking archery antelope.

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Spring Bear Hunting in Elk Calving Areas

Find out where elk are raising their calves during the season and see your spring bear hunting success increase.

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