Strategy & Tactics

Knowledge and information geared to help you prep for your hunt and execute in the field.

Late-Season Backpack Hunting

While many guys day hunt from home or a luxurious base camp when winter starts setting in, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of a bivy camp while staying comfortable and safe, with not much more than a little extra thought and planning.
A Guide to More Comfortable Hunting Packs

We all plan on packing out with a heavy load, follow these techniques to make it just a little more comfortable.

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Archery Tip - 10 Steps to Better Accuracy on Quick Shots

We don't always have the time to range and dial in our bow site. Use this trick-pin technique for those tight time windows.

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Tips for Muzzleloader Hunting the West

An often overlooked opportunity, Zack is going to share his tips for muzzleloader hunting in the west.

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How to Plan an Alaskan Hunting Adventure

How to plan an Alaskan hunting adventure. Don’t grow old wishing you would have taken the leap sooner.

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How Randy Ulmer Prepares for Archery Elk Season

Randy shares his practical and important tips for getting ready for elk season that lead to more success in the field.

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How to Hunt an Old Burn

Remi covers what to look for when hunting an old burn, and tactics to hunt them with better success.

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Tips for General Area Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in general tag units is tough, but knowledge of an area and the elk can bring more success year after year.

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7 Steps to Better Backpack Hunting

Nate shares his 7 simple tips to becoming a more prepared and more comfortable backpack hunter.

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Randy Ulmer's Take on Shot Placement and Moving Elk

Randy Ulmer answers the question; "What do you recommend when you are presented with shop opportunities at moving elk?"

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