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"For the most part, hunters look at fall bears as an opportunity type of species. We all have a bear tag in our pocket during the Fall, but only fill it by happenstance if one presents itself while out elk or deer hunting. Not many solely focus on bear hunting in the fall, especially in the southwest when compared to its trophy elk and mule deer opportunities..."
Three Primitive Hunting Tactics you Should Try

Use these three primitive hunting tactics that can bring you more success and make you a better hunter.

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How to Better Test and Evaluate After Reloading

How to analyze the ballistic data that will lead to a more optimum rifle load in the most efficient manner.

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A Practical Guide to Hunting Rangefinders

Follow Nate's advice for better rangefinder use and become so proficient that you won't need it in the case of an emergency.

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10 Reasons Why Western Bowhunters Fail

Bowhunting is hard! Here are the 10 most common mistakes Roy has observed the last 35-plus years of hunting.

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7 Steps to Reloading Accuracy

Darin's 7 steps for reloading an accurate and dependable rifle load so you don't have to perform trial and error.

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A Guide to More Comfortable Hunting Packs

We all plan on packing out with a heavy load, follow these techniques to make it just a little more comfortable.

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Archery Tip - 10 Steps to Better Accuracy on Quick Shots

We don't always have the time to range and dial in our bow site. Use this trick-pin technique for those tight time windows.

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Tips for Muzzleloader Hunting the West

An often overlooked opportunity, Zack is going to share his tips for muzzleloader hunting in the west.

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How to Plan an Alaskan Hunting Adventure

How to plan an Alaskan hunting adventure. Don’t grow old wishing you would have taken the leap sooner.

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How Randy Ulmer Prepares for Archery Elk Season

Randy shares his practical and important tips for getting ready for elk season that lead to more success in the field.

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