Strategy & Tactics

Knowledge and information geared to help you prep for your hunt and execute in the field.

Back to the Basics

Put yourself where the animals are and in their travel corridors. Be observant of your surroundings and sign. Know if they have the best eyesight, smell, or hearing. Know when to push it, when to slow down, when to back out, and when to close the distance. This comes with experience in most cases.
Tips for General Area Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in general tag units is tough, but knowledge of an area and the elk can bring more success year after year.

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7 Steps to Better Backpack Hunting

Nate shares his 7 simple tips to becoming a more prepared and more comfortable backpack hunter.

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Randy Ulmer's Take on Shot Placement and Moving Elk

Randy Ulmer answers the question; "What do you recommend when you are presented with shop opportunities at moving elk?"

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