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"For the most part, hunters look at fall bears as an opportunity type of species. We all have a bear tag in our pocket during the Fall, but only fill it by happenstance if one presents itself while out elk or deer hunting. Not many solely focus on bear hunting in the fall, especially in the southwest when compared to its trophy elk and mule deer opportunities..."
Backcountry Equine Colic and How to Handle it

What is colic and why is it such a big deal in horses? George covers some hard-learned lessons and preventative tips.

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Tips for Improvised Rifle Shots

Rifle shots during a hunt are almost always spontaneous, so you should practice these tips for improvised shots.

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12 Tips for Compound Bow Setup

Here are a dozen tips to help set your bow up and ensure it fits you, is well-tuned, and sighted in properly.

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Tips for More Success with a Coyote Call

Here is Fred's opinions on how to have more success coyote hunting; a list of what, how, and why he does what he does.

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Using a Topo Map to Locate More Elk

See how to use a topo map to help find more elk, who encompass a wide variety of different terrain across the West.

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Become Better at Blood Tracking

Having to track a wounded animal is inevitable task of bowhunting, follow this advice to become better at blood tracking.

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Advice on Long-Distance Glassing for Elk

When it comes to elk hunting and optics, how far is too far to glass? follow these tactics for long distance success.

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Backcountry Warm Weather Meat Care

Follow Cade's advice for warm weather meat care when you can’t get it to a butcher or in a cooler for several days.

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Elk Calling The Do's and Don'ts

Today’s market offers hunters short, wide, fat, tapered, stacked, long, and skinny reed elk calls, which one is right for you.

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Javelina Hunting: Made for Archery

January, most bowhunters have hung up their bows and are daydreaming about next season, or you could be hunting Javelina.

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