The Outdoorsmans Gear Trade-In Program

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The Outdoorsmans Gear Trade-In Program

I wear a lot of different hats in the Wilderness Athlete, Outdoorsmans, and Western Hunter family of companies. One of the most rewarding and exciting roles I’ve been lucky to take on is the Outdoorsmans Used Optics & Gear program – something every gear junkie or hunter on a budget needs to be aware of.

We started our Used Optics & Gear program when we realized how many hunters out there hoard old optics and Outdoorsmans gear that they want to retire but don’t because the hassle of selling it on eBay, Facebook, or forums isn’t worth it. And rightfully so – selling gear on those platforms opens you up to a tedious listing process just to get your gear on their site, time-consuming back-and-forth with tire kickers trying to lowball you and ask countless questions, and giving up profit when the site takes your money for selling it on their platform.

At the end of that process, you’re likely going to meet up with a stranger in a parking lot to make the exchange, or if you’ve taken the steps to link your bank account to a secured payment app, you then will need to make a trip to the UPS store to ship your sold optics. Time is money, and your time is too valuable to spend it that way. (Another lesser-known hassle - eBay will now issue you a 1099-k if you receive payment of $600+ on their platform.)

In Practice

What we offer at Outdoorsmans is as simple and convenient of a process as you can make it. We’ll buy your optics, or even your Outdoorsmans tripod or head, and help you upgrade in one fell swoop. I'll give you an example…

On Monday morning, Bob was excited to see the new Swarovski 10x32 El Range come out and wanted to upgrade from his mid-range optics and old handheld range finder. That morning, Bob filled out the trade-in form on our website. I reviewed the market for those items and sent Bob a quote by Monday afternoon. Bob liked the quote, sent in his optics for our final evaluation, and they arrived on Wednesday.

By midday on Wednesday I had inspected Bob’s optics and given him our final offer which was within 10-20% of our initial quote. Bob accepted our offer of store credit, and on the same day, we applied that to his order of new Swarovski 10x32 EL Range binoculars. We had them in stock, shipped them that afternoon, and by Friday Bob had a state-of-the-art pair of rangefinding binoculars in his hands.

The Outdoorsmans Used Optics & Gear program isn’t just helping hunters upgrade their optics, it’s also giving people the opportunity to buy great optics, tripods, and heads at incredible prices. In the last week, I’ve worked with parents buying their kid an old Swarovski SLC binocular at a fraction of what new optics cost, and I’ve helped new hunters afford an Outdoorsmans tripod or Nightforce rifle scope. Sure, this program has been good for business, but equally as important – it has been good for our customers and the hunting community we love.

Mark Denham walks you through the simple trade-in process.

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