Revic BLR10b Laser Rangefinding Binocular

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Revic BLR10b Laser Rangefinding Binocular

Laser rangefinders are becoming a must-have item for hunters across the West, and for good reason. The ability to glass and range your quarry instantly will dramatically increase your odds of success in certain situations. Adding a ballistics calculator and atmospherics into the rangefinding binocular is the next hurdle companies are working through to develop a reliable, accurate, and efficient system. One of these companies, Revic Optics (Gunwerks), has released its first rangefinding binocular for 2023, and it will put some of the bigger optics companies on their heels. The Revic ballistics solver is one of the best systems I have found, and coupled with a 10x42 binocular, it could be the one piece you need to complete your rifle hunting gear list for the upcoming season.

Ballistic App

The Revic ballistic solver is an app-based system that’s downloaded to your phone and synced to your optic via Bluetooth through a simple process. In the app, navigating and creating a profile for each of your favorite rifles is very simple. The app works for both Android and iPhone devices and includes an update option to keep your system running with the most current data and bullet selections. I have used this app for the past year in the Revic BR4 handheld rangefinder with excellent results in data and ultra-fast ranging and data display. This system has offered the fastest and most reliable data across the board of any of the onboard solvers I have tested in rangefinding devices.


Pairing this solver and laser with a 10x42 binocular has raised the bar for other optics companies to create better ballistic solvers in order to stay relevant in the market. The Revic binocular itself has a compact, ergonomic design with a soft armor coating that’s comfortable in the hand. These binoculars are shorter and more compact than any of the “Euro” rangefinding binoculars, in comparison. The diopter adjustments are quick, and it’s simple to adjust to get the laser and image in focus together for each user's eye. Revic does a great job with the “how-to” videos found on their webpage, and these can be viewed simply by scanning the QR code on the box. These videos walk you through the complete setup of the binocular in a very easy-to-follow step-by-step process.

The laser is rated for 5,000 yards on reflective surfaces and 1,400 yards on deer-sized targets. This is consistent with my findings, as I was able to get fast, accurate ranges on a deer at 1,546 yards. The readout stayed within one yard across eight ranges of the deer as it fed on a hillside. I compared this to several other leading laser rangefinding binoculars on the same deer and found the Revic to be the most consistent and fastest laser by far. Even during a light rainstorm, the Revic was able to push through the rain without any false readings, while one of the others I tested during the same storm was unable to do so.

Innovative Features

My favorite feature of the Revic Optics system is the base wind feature in the solver that allows me to enter my rifle's base wind of 8 MPH through the menu of the optic itself. I am able to adjust the data provided by the system after ranging to adjust the value by half if I feel the wind change speed or direction to make my shot sequence more efficient. The wind hold display follows the drop data after ranging with a bright arrow on the left side of the screen pointing in the direction to dial for drop or hold for wind. It’s super bright and easy to read. The onboard sensors measure temperature, humidity, pressure, and shot angle to make accurate calculations and increase your odds of a first round impact.

Worthy Trade-Offs

The lens and coatings in the binocular are what I would consider above average and offer adequate clarity and resolution to suit most glassing situations often encountered in the field. The Revic BLR10b has the right balance of quality glass with an exceptional laser rangefinder and ballistics program onboard. There are better glassing optics on the market, but considering the inadequate onboard solvers in those optics, many rifle hunters are willing to sacrifice glass quality for a better laser and solver system all in one.

I am looking forward to putting the Revic BLR10b through its paces this summer on the range and on hunts this fall in all kinds of weather. This optic was just released at the time of this writing, and I spent a week running mine as much as possible. I can say with a high degree of certainty that this system will work great and definitely has the potential to be a permanent piece of equipment to add to your arsenal. To order your BLR10b, head over to and get it ordered now to ensure time to have them set up and ready before this season.


Colton Bagnoli

Born and raised in Chandler, AZ, Colton was introduced to the outdoors early on by his father and grandfather. After harvesting his first deer, hunting immediately became a way of life. Colton brings a wealth of hunting and professional gunsmithing experience to Western Hunter Magazine. He now resides in Montana where his current profession as a Police Officer and SRT Sniper continues to develop his firearms training portfolio. His wife and kids support Colton in his writing and passion for the outdoors.

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