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    Gear Legends - Nalgene

    While there are literally hundreds of competitive, durable water bottles on the market, Nalgene was there first.
    Stone Glacier M7 Pant

    When it comes to late-season big game and winter predator hunting, I have tried everything to stay warm and dry […]

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    DIY Bow and Arrow Tuning

    "Even if you get your bow initially set up by an archery pro shop, having the ability to work on your own bow and arrow after the initial setup is very important..."

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    Maximizing Bowhunting Forgiveness: Part 3

    The beauty of stalking mule deer in lush alpine basins in August; the sweet sounds of elk ringing out in […]

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    Maximizing Bowhunting Forgiveness: Part 2

    Deer and elk shoulders are tough… really tough. Nearly all bowhunters who have hunted long enough have experienced the horrors […]

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    Maximizing Bowhunting Forgiveness: Part 1

    What is the worst possible outcome of a bow hunt? This is a personal question, but for myself and many […]

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    Multi Editor Jacket/Insulation Layer Review

    "It is easy to get a lot of money tied up in clothing, so making the right decisions can save you from spending all your tag money on clothes. Still, quality clothing can be a game-changer, and at times, it can be worth its weight in gold..."

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    DIY Overlanding Trailers

    "There are some great things we can take from the recent growing popularity of overlanding. One of them is a small off-road camp trailer. These little trailers can go anywhere your vehicle can go..."

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    Backpacking tents 2021

    "The “right” tent is hard to define. Some people just want the lightest no matter what features they sacrifice, while others want more room to move around and store gear. For me, it depends on what type of hunt I am going on and the duration..."

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    Building a Cartridge

    Whether you’re looking to shoot a bullet that is unavailable in factory ammo, seeking better performance from your rifle, or tracking down accurate load data for a new rifle without spending a week’s pay on components, Unknown Munitions has you covered.

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    Outdoorsmans Boulder 30

    An off-shoot from their traditional hunting packs, the Boulder 30 was designed with your daily lifestyle in mind. The result is an everyday use pack focused on comfort, accessibility, and organization.

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