Ep 28: Kodiak Island Blacktail

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Ep 28: Kodiak Island Blacktail

I have hunted blacktail deer three times on Kodiak Island in Alaska and believe the experience offers the most adventure for the dollar in all of North America. This year, our crew included three guys who had never hunted in Alaska – Mark Denham, Levi Sopeland, and Kevin Guillen (who had never been to Alaska prior). We sat down to capture their emotions and thoughts, and their enthusiasm and awe reminded me of my first trips to the state. After you listen to this show, you will want to book your own adventure. If the boat-based trip interests you, call Alaska Coastal Marine at 907-262-4359

Look for the episode this fall on The Western Hunter! Available on The Sportsman Channel, MOTV, Prime Video, and right here on our website.

Packing up and headed to the seaplane port.

Loading and weighing a pile of gear.

Cockpit view.

Float plane window view of Kodiak.

Mark and Levi in the float plane.

Our home, Spirit, against an unbelievable backdrop.

Loading and transfering gear... Again...

Spirit anchored in the bay.

Resting up and telling stories in the main cabin of the Spirit.

A blacktail buck catching some rare full sunlight.

View from the bay from 1000 feet.

Chris waiting to draw a bead on a harlequin duck from shore.

Chris with some tasty dungeness crabs.

Kevin and Jeremy packing out (down) Kevin's 4x4 buck.

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