Ep 16: Warner Glenn

Not long after the turn of the 19th century, the Glenn family settled in Southeast Arizona. Warner and Wendy Glenn raised a son Cody and daughter Kelly in the same country. Cody and I became friends on the first day of junior high. His friendship and the Glenn family changed the course of my life. I shot my first deer with Cody and Wendy. I built fences and corrals, branded calves, and learned how to work 16 hours a day on the ranch they have owned for more than 100 years.  Wendy has passed away but Warner, Kelly, and her daughter Mackenzie still saddle up almost daily.

In this first of two episodes, I sit down with Warner first, to discuss the realities of modern ranching, their family history, and “the wall” along the Mexican border.  Warner had a farrier coming the next morning so he had to head out and catch his horses and mules so they could be shod.

Warner Glenn is a special man, his story is better than Hollywood could ever dream up. Not only is he a rancher, but he has been hunting mountain lions since he was 5 years old, documented the first jaguar in the US, and worked on multiple films.  A family friend Ed Ashurst, authored a book titled “The Life and Times of Warner Glenn” telling the story of the Glenn family along with some amazing adventure stories that had me riveted.  You can purchase this book and “Eyes of Fire, Encounters with a Boderland Jaguar” right here. https://colablancaproductions.com/collections/books


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