Ep 11: Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo

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Ep 11: Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo

Ralph and Vicki have been producing some of the best video hunting content since before outdoor TV even existed! Not only are they absolute pioneers in the business they are two of the most sincere and authentic ambassadors in the hunting industry.

No offense to any of my previous guest but this was the most enjoyable podcast I have recorded in our short history.  Though I had been dying to know how they met, I waited until I turned on the recorder to ask…and it was as entertaining has I had hoped. We also talk about Ralph’s Russian brown bear hunt only months after the fall of the Soviet Union and Vicki’s experiences being one of the first women ever on outdoor TV.  We spent some quality time discussing the past, present and future of the hunting lifestyle and each of our roles in its preservation.

You can catch “America’s favorite hunting couple” and mine on the Outdoor Channel and MOTV. The have two shows, “Archers Choice” and “The Choice”.

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