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2023 Gear Gift Guide

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No More Foam? Kor Technik Universal Case Insert

We got our hands on one of the coolest new products the year... or maybe ever. Instead of swapping out […]

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Marsupial Rifle Case Gear Review

Unsurprisingly, Marsupial Gear has produced another fine product with its legendary construction. This is one of the best of the […]

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Revic BLR10b Laser Rangefinding Binocular

Laser rangefinders are becoming a must-have item for hunters across the West, and for good reason. The ability to glass […]

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FHF Gear TAC MTN Rifle Case Review

Kevin has been trucking around his favorite rifle in this floating soft-ish case from FHF, and it seems like it may be the perfect solution for a trip Kodiak. It fits inside a hard case, and it has several other thoughtful features that make it more than just something to carry a gun in.

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The Outdoorsmans Gear Trade-In Program

I wear a lot of different hats in the Wilderness Athlete, Outdoorsmans, and Western Hunter family of companies. One of […]

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The Eberlestock Team Elk Pack V2

The Team Elk Pack is a highly capable system for any big game hunt, and it has been revamped with […]

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Eberlestock Vapor 5000 V2 Review

The redesigned Vapor V2 pack is the lightweight, modular system you've been dreaming about. Completely customizable and tailored for backcountry […]

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The Top 5 Best Rangefinders for Hunting in 2023

There are plenty of options on the market, but we've narrowed it down to the top 5 for serious hunters.

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A Day to Remember

There’s always something special about your first time. A first kiss, first car, and first house are all deeply imprinted […]

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No Time Wasted

An Arizona Late-season Elk Hunt After four years of waiting, my credit card got hit once again for a late-season […]

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The Engagement Bull

Every year when planning for hunting season begins, I ask my boyfriend what hunts I should put in for that […]

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The Western Hunter Podcast

Presented By:

Browning proudly presents The Western Hunter Podcast
EP 25: Jordan Jonas

My guest today is Jordan Jonas the winner of the hit TV show Alone season 6.  Jordan is a hunter and his hunting skills contributed directly to his ability to survive in the Arctic for 77 days.  We talked about behind-the-scenes stuff, dreams, family, hunting and mental preparation.  

He is a character, if you have watched the show then you know what I mean.  It is obvious that the guy you saw on TV is the same guy I am talking to…fame hasn’t changed him at all.  Jordan offers survival schools in the Montana backcountry which I just might have to attend.  You can learn more about Jonas from his website

Ep 24: Remi Warren
Remi Warren doesn’t need an introduction to this audience. Like most of you, I think Remi is one of the most interesting people in the world as well as one of the top ambassadors for the hunting community. While attending the Pope and Young convention we found some time to sit down and talk again. I didn’t have any specific agenda; with Remi I didn’t need one. We just talked about life, parenthood, and anything else that was on our minds.
Ep 21: Rafe Nielsen

Rafe Nielsen from Browning is back again! In this episode, we talk about life without a SHOT Show in 2021. We dig into new rifle products and how those products are developed and brought to market. We also spent time talking about gun safes, why we should all invest in one, and the process of purchasing and installing a safe in your home.

One of the coolest new products from Browning this year is the new Recoil Hawg muzzle brake.  Check out this short video

Ep 14: Rafe Nielsen

Rafe Nielsen is not only a hunting partner he is the marketing director at Browning.  We spent time talking about John Browning and many of his contributions to modern firearms and to our military.  We also dive into modern production practices and why we now have the best hunting product that we unimaginable just a decade ago.

Ep 23: Dean Capuano from Swarovski

In this episode, I sit down with Dean Capuano from Swarovski.  Dean and I met via phone on his very first day on the job at Swarovski over 20 years ago. Since then, we have hunted together in Austria, Africa, Mexico and many different US states.  We go into detail about what it takes to make the best optics in the world and what the future may hold.

Ep 20: Roy Grace

Roy Grace has been bowhunting his entire life and has hunted every species the west has to offer. Roy is also the records chairman for the Pope and Young Club. In this episode, we talk about why the record book is important and why we should all consider entering a trophy if it qualifies for the “Book”.  He got me so fired up for this summer’s convention in Reno, that I have already made plans to attend! If you are interested here is the link:

Ep 19: Kendall Card

Electric assisted (e-bikes) are exploding in popularity worldwide. When it comes to western hunting e-bikes, Bakcou is leading the way. In this episode, I sit down with Bakcou founders Bryan and Dave to discuss their company, their bikes, the current status, and the future of hunting with e-bikes. These guys are hunters first and bike enthusiasts second. With years of experience, their perspective and expertise are unparalleled. Besides that, they are a lot of fun to hang out with. Check out their bikes as you listen to this episode

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