How to Properly Tie in a Peep Sight

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How to Properly Tie in a Peep Sight

How to tie in a peep sight properly is one of the fundamental skills any bow mechanic should master. It’s an overlooked aspect of equipment setup that not only ensures the peep doesn’t move as you shoot, but it can also prevent serious eye injury in the event of a dry-fire or string failure. Follow these steps to learn how to tie in a peep sight the right way.

I’ve seen a number of peep sights go flying, ricocheting off the riser and nearby people after a bow was dry-fired. One instance drew blood on the cheek of an innocent bystander. Another nearly ended a tournament archer’s day until the search party got lucky and found the peep. 

Once my peep height is determined, serving it is always the next step to ensure consistency in my sight settings and prevent loss.

Start by cutting a two-foot length of small-diameter serving thread. Then, wedge one end in the bottom “Y” split created by the peep to hold it in place.

Hold the long end against the string above the peep and begin wrapping over the short tail held against the string.

As you apply more wraps, increase tension, and move the bundle down toward the peep until the wraps are pulled together.

After about 9 wraps, pull the short tail from between the strands and do two more wraps, continuing in the same direction, down one side of the “Y” split, toward the peep.

Tying in a Peep Sight with floss

Next, wrap the serving all the way around the peep’s string groove in the same direction.

peep sight serving knot

Now loop the long end through the string below the peep on the same side and pull tight.

As you cinch tight, the serving should slip between the string and peep, locking the peep to the string.

peep sight super knot

Next, make another half wrap over the peep groove and loop the serving through the string and around the opposite side of the string bundle above the peep.
peep sight knot

Again, cinch the long end tight to lock the other side in. Steps 6–9 are critical for safety and are certain to keep the peep from moving during a hunt.

Now, continue wrapping up the other side of the string for two wraps toward the “Y” where the string comes back together.

tying in a peep

At this point, pull about a 4” loop out and take the loose end of serving over the string in the same direction and through the loop.

Holding the loop tight, wrap 9 times back toward the peep inside of the loop with the loose end. The loose end is between my finger & thumb in the photo.

Next, move the loose end up toward the peep and pinch it against the string.

Now, use the loop to wrap over the loose end starting at the “Y” and moving away from the peep. As you wrap over the loose end, the other end will unwrap.

When you finish the back wrap, there will be a loop left over.

Pull the loose end by hand and the loop will pull under the wraps of the serving.

Next, use a plier to pull each of the loose ends tight. This will cinch the wraps down above and below the peep.

Use a sharp knife or razor to cut each end and fuzz the end with your fingertip.

Carefully burn each end, always keeping the flame above the bowstring.

Bow maintenance

The finished peep should look like this!

Archery maintenance


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