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Ep 22: Connor Gabbott

Connor Gabbott is a professionally trained chef, photographer, videographer and hunter.  In this episodes he shares his secrets for preparing and sharing wild game. But we also dig into his evolution as a hunter, his entry into the camera world, and career changes. 

Connor wrote the introduction and shared some of his favorite wild game recipes in The Wild Kitchen Volume 3 from Wilderness Athlete. I have read and re-read his advice in this cookbook multiple times. It is currently on sale for only $18.71 (May 2021).  You can buy it HERE

We discuss the importance of a tool called a jicard tenderizer. This is not the exact model that I use but I really like the ability to disassemble this one for easier cleaning.

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Ep 15: Kendall Card

Boots are one of the most important pieces of hunting gear in our kit. I sit down with Kendall Card from Crispi and cover some important topics we all need to consider when purchasing footwear. Kendall is also the co-founder of Camofire and Black Ovis, so I couldn’t resist digging into how they launched both of these industry leading companies.

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Ep 13: Remi Warren

Remi Warren has been a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine for so long that neither of us can remember! In this episode we dive into his hunting career, how he got started, and what he's really doing right now. Remi is one of the most adventurous hunters I know. Long before New Zealand was a hunting destination, he bought a one-way ticket there just to check it out….who does that? Take a look behind the scenes of his life.

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Ep 12: Steve Opat

In this episode I sit down with Steve Opat from Fairbanks, Alaska.  Steve is an avid hunter and is also a medical helicopter flight nurse. He is in a unique position to learn from people's mistakes. We talk about the what brought him to Alaska, his experiences, and the survival mindset. Steve always has a unique perspective and this conversation could have gone on for hours! I have no doubt he will be a frequent guest on this podcast.

You can follow Steve on Instagram @alaskanodysseys

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Ep 11: Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo

Ralph and Vicki have been producing some of the best video hunting content since before outdoor TV even existed! Not only are they absolute pioneers in the business they are two of the most sincere and authentic ambassadors in the hunting industry.

No offense to any of my previous guest but this was the most enjoyable podcast I have recorded in our short history.  Though I had been dying to know how they met, I waited until I turned on the recorder to ask…and it was as entertaining has I had hoped. We also talk about Ralph’s Russian brown bear hunt only months after the fall of the Soviet Union and Vicki’s experiences being one of the first women ever on outdoor TV.  We spent some quality time discussing the past, present and future of the hunting lifestyle and each of our roles in its preservation.

You can catch “America’s favorite hunting couple” and mine on the Outdoor Channel and MOTV. The have two shows, “Archers Choice” and “The Choice”.

@ralphandvicki on Instagram

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EP 10: Bob Lacher

Bob Lacher was born and raised in Alaska. As a child he hunted with his dad to feed the family, not for trophies. The adventure bug bit him hard! He started flying a bush plane at an early age and has been exploring and hunting the far reaches of Alaska ever since.

I first got to know Bob through his book “Alaska Raw”, which is available at This book is filled with some of those adventures.  His engaging and honest reflection of these hunt is absolutely captivating. So on a recent trip to Alaska Bob and I found the time to sit down and record a conversation. 

I am always amazed by the fortitude and self-reliance of Alaskan bush pilots and hunters. It is the stuff that most of us dream about! I can assure you that this will not be the only podcast I do with Bob, there are just too many insights and stories to call this the end. 

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EP 09: Heather Kelly and Brad Hurd of Heather’s Choice

Native Alaskan Heather Kelly was tired of the limited food options available to backcountry travelers. So she did what nobody thought was possible and created her own foods, which lead to the creation of Heather’s Choice. Her dehydrated (not freeze dried) meals were the first pre-packaged options with real meat that were not overly processed.  She literally started the trend and now has the biggest companies in the business paying attention.

I sat down with Heather and her boyfriend/business partner/operations manager/personal comedian Brad Hurd at the kitchen in Anchorage to talk about their history. They lead a fascinating life and have tremendous insights regarding backcountry nutrition.

After you listen to this podcast, do yourself a favor and buy some of their foods as fast as possible. We also have a limited inventory but growing inventory of Heather’s Choice available at

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Ep 08: Steve Felix P&Y World Record Elk

In 2016 Steve killed the largest bull elk ever taken with a bow.  At almost 430” it is my opinion this record may never be broken. I met Steve while on business in Montana. Fortunately I had the recording equipment with me and he had to time to sit down. We talked about the hunt and how his thoughts have changed in the years since that crazy day in Montana. 

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Ep 07: George Bettas

If they were looking for a new “Most Interesting Man in the World” I would nominate George Bettas.  He has worked with the Boone & Crockett Club, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and was one of the founders of the Mule Deer Foundation, most of which was after he retired from a career at Washington State! He is the author of the regular column “The Hunting Horseman” in Western Hunter Magazine and has packed thousands of miles in the wilderness areas of the Northern Rockies.

In this episode we talk about his passion for conservation and hunting from horseback. We also get into a new Master Hunter initiative that he has worked on for several years now, which I think will revolutionize the relationship between hunters and private landowners.

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Ep 06: Wayne Carlton

Wayne Carlton is truly a legend in our industry. He pioneered the art of calling elk with diaphragm calls. Back in the 80’s his elk calling seminars were epic, and folks would drive hundreds of miles for the privilege of listening to his educational, inspirational and always entertaining talk.  Though slowed down by Parkinson’s disease, this 76 year old giant still captures my imagination with every story.

In this episode I sat down with Wayne and his son Marc. We talked about the old days, how things have changed, and their new call company Native by Carlton. They are making the most innovative elk and turkey calls in the market.

I don’t use the word “legend” lightly, Wayne has earned this.

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