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Ep 05: Justin Gordon

Last fall Justin Gordon killed the largest mule deer ever taken with a bow. In this episode Justin and I talk about his buck, but being one of the most introspective hunters I have ever met, our conversation goes much deeper than just inches of antler. From mental and physical preparation to the plight of mule deer, we cover it all. The Gordon buck will in all likelihood be the highest scoring deer ever taken in my life. This is the full story of this remarkable deer and the remarkable man who was blessed to harvest it.

The Gordon buck is the cover story in the May/June issue Western Hunter Magazine.

You can purchase a copy here. 

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EP 04: Mike Duplan

Mike Duplan is one of best mule deer hunters I have ever met.  He has taken huge bucks in some of the most heavily hunted areas in Colorado…and I mean huge.  He co-authored “The Edge, The Complete Approach to Hunting Mountain Mule Deer”, which is regarded as the finest book ever written on the subject. But Mike is far more than an mule deer hunter, he is and adventure hunter.  He has taken a grand slam of sheep, some huge elk and hunts with a persistence and patience that I envy.  Mike has been a field editor and confidant to me at Western Hunter Magazine from the very start and it was an honor to sit down and have this discussion.

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EP 03: Arizona Coues Deer Hunt

As the sun set on our last night in an Arizona Coues deer hunt I sat down with Mark Denham and The Western Hunter videographer Matt Neddermeyer to talk about the realities of hunting the grey ghost. The sun was setting as we built a big fire and started the conversation. It was almost a shame that we did not film this episode, I highly doubt anyone has recorded a podcast in a more beautiful setting.  We cover a wide range of topics like footwear, pack requirements, optics tripods, glassing techniques and attitude.  Of course we filmed this hunt so keep your eyes open for this episode in the Fall of 2019. 

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EP 02: Colton Bagnoli

In this episode I sat down with Western Hunter shooting editor Colton Bagnoli at his home in Kalispell Montana.  He is one of the most talented and hard working people I have ever known. He is an accomplished gunsmith, taxidermist, trapper, bow mechanic as well as being police officer and sniper for their tactical team.

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EP 01: Nate Simmons

On this episode, Chris sits down with Nate Simmons at his home in Cody, Wyoming.

Nate is one of the most extreme backcountry bowhunters on the planet and prides himself on being a self-sufficient DIY hunter. He is the Producer and Co-Host of The Western Hunter TV show, a past Co-Producer of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, and has written dozens of hunting articles.

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Welcome to the Western Hunter Podcast

Welcome to the Western Hunter Podcast! On this pilot episode our host, Chris Denham, explains what you can expect to hear in future episodes. 

For more on Western Hunter including our magazine and television show, please head over to our Website and YouTube channel. 

The Western Hunter Podcast will officially launch on January 25th, so watch for Episode 1 and don't forget to subscribe to the show. 

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