Lifestyle & Fitness

Being a Western Hunter is a lifestyle from off-season training, to enjoying the game we take, and all aspects in between.

DIY Taxidermy- Boiling a Skull

Looking for a better way to boil a skull for a Euro Mount? Taxidermy Editor Nick Gehring walks us through his step-by-step process.
Crash Course in Total Body Fitness

Coach P shares an exercise that contributes to your overall fitness, flexibility, mobility, strength, power, and cardio at once.

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Building a Modern Hunting Journal

Tagging the location of your photos can help you remember where they were taken to help build a modern hunting journal.

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Tips for Dehydrated Food at Home

Fuel your body with the highest quality, whole natural, fresh dehydrated food to help keep you at your best.

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The Formula for Maintaining a Lean & Healthy Body

Sarcopenia - loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process. Here is why it happens and how to prevent it.

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Embracing Struggle for a Healthier Lifestyle

If your goal is to be on the mountain day after day, then take Kristy's advice and start to make your health a priority.

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