Lifestyle & Fitness

Being a Western Hunter is a lifestyle from off-season training, to enjoying the game we take, and all aspects in between.

It's Time To Get Gardening

I truly believe that gardening is an invaluable step to understanding where our food comes from, with the natural next step being harvesting an animal.
The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Kids Hunting

Fred shares his thoughts on introducing his sons to hunting and how to avoid making the mistake of too much pressure.

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Long-Range Shooting School

If you're like Doug and want to get better at long-range shooting, the Outdoor Solutions’ Long Range Shooting School is for you.

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Tips for Hunting Photo Organization

You spent the money on the camera and the time taking pictures, now you need to have a way to keep track of them all.

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Turning Predator Hunting Into Profit

You probably won’t get rich selling furs, but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash while keeping a tradition alive.

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The Top 10 Late-Season Small Game Hunts

As many big game seasons come to a close, there is still ample opportunity to head afield and have some […]

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How Do I watch The Western Hunter TV

To gain a better understanding of what is available without getting lost in the technological details, we’ve done some research. […]

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Advice for Better Fire Photography

As humans, our attraction to fire is universal and elemental. When you want to gather humans, create a fire. As […]

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Public Easements, Historic Use, and More

As Americans, we enjoy many exceptional and unique freedoms and privileges. For hunters, our system of public lands is perhaps […]

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How to Take Better Mountainscape Photography

Tony explains the gear, elements, and techniques to create Mountain photography that conveys power and scale.

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Eat Healthier with These Backpacking Food Options

Chris explains the importance of physical conditioning, nutrition, and how they affect our success in the field.

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