Lifestyle & Fitness

Being a Western Hunter is a lifestyle from off-season training, to enjoying the game we take, and all aspects in between.

DIY Taxidermy- Boiling a Skull

Looking for a better way to boil a skull for a Euro Mount? Taxidermy Editor Nick Gehring walks us through his step-by-step process.
Turning Predator Hunting Into Profit

You probably won’t get rich selling furs, but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash while keeping a tradition alive.

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The Top 10 Late-Season Small Game Hunts

As many big game seasons come to a close, there is still ample opportunity to head afield and have some […]

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How Do I watch The Western Hunter TV

To gain a better understanding of what is available without getting lost in the technological details, we’ve done some research. […]

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Advice for Better Fire Photography

As humans, our attraction to fire is universal and elemental. When you want to gather humans, create a fire. As […]

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Public Easements, Historic Use, and More

As Americans, we enjoy many exceptional and unique freedoms and privileges. For hunters, our system of public lands is perhaps […]

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How to Take Better Mountainscape Photography

Tony explains the gear, elements, and techniques to create Mountain photography that conveys power and scale.

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Eat Healthier with These Backpacking Food Options

Chris explains the importance of physical conditioning, nutrition, and how they affect our success in the field.

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Tips To Cure Skinny Fat Syndrome

The cure for skinny fat won’t occur overnight, but with the commitment exercise protocol, you can combat the phenomenon.

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Tips for Backcountry Camera Lens Care

It really doesn’t matter how good your camera is if you don't have proper camera lens care, take it from a professional.

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How to Become an Elk Hunting Guide

Making a living as an elk guide is a dream job, here is a little information from Remi on how to actually make it happen.

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