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Enjoy and learn from the stories of fellow Western Hunters.

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    "The big, palmated G5 was too amazing. I didn’t see the two extras when I shot, but they looked like flames coming off the back end. He had the width, the mass, everything; everything you dream of in an elk but never dreamed you would actually shoot. I had my elk of a lifetime..."
    Maintaining Focus: A Misfire Nearly Unravels A 13-year Dream
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    This One's For Gramps: Paying tribute the best way a hunter knows how

    Memories & Visions My favorite memory as a child was standing up in the back of my grandfather's 1963 Willys […]

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    Enjoy the Ride, by David Burgess

    The Rollercoaster I looked up at the sky and heaved a sigh of frustration. Taking a deep breath, I looked […]

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    All In: A hunter gambles on big elk vs. potentially dangerous conditions

    Trent Williams, Wyoming, 2015 “There are certainly risks with hunting solo in this type of country, but I’ll be taking […]

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    A Great Hunting Partner: The Forgotten Secret to a Truly Successful Hunt

    A good hunting partner is like a good bird dog…you’re lucky if you get one great one in a lifetime. […]

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    Picture Perfect - Justin Davis

    "All the stalks that go wrong make the ones that go right just that much sweeter" Justin Davis, Colorado, 2017. […]

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    The Overwhelming Nature of Nature

    As with any pursuit, there is a tiresome amount of information to learn. Going through my fair share of hobbies, […]

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    Always Be Hunting: An Unexpected Success Story

     “The pack out was long and gave me a lot of time to think about what a true friend I […]

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    The North Coast of British Columbia, By Nolan Osborne

    As humans have expanded our reach across the North American continent, areas of raw-untouched natural beauty exist in dwindling numbers. […]

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    Cold Weather Layering Systems, By Nolan Osborne

    Mountain hunting is hardly a new pursuit. The Indigenous peoples of British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska have well-documented accounts […]

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