Adventure & Hunt Stories

Enjoy and learn from the stories of fellow Western Hunters.

    Traditional Triumph

    Hunting has taught me to seek and embrace challenges. Whether that challenge is a more primitive weapon, a tougher style of hunting, or taking the risk to invest in an out-of-state hunt, I have learned that the effort put forth only makes the whole experience more rewarding, and I can’t wait for the next adventure.
    The North Coast of British Columbia, By Nolan Osborne

    As humans have expanded our reach across the North American continent, areas of raw-untouched natural beauty exist in dwindling numbers. […]

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    Cold Weather Layering Systems, By Nolan Osborne

    Mountain hunting is hardly a new pursuit. The Indigenous peoples of British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska have well-documented accounts […]

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    Clearing the Way: Misadventure and Success in the Elk Woods

    The bull darted through the small saplings, stopped, and bugled. The magnificent roar echoed through the tall pine forest. The […]

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    Mom & Dad's Ram

    Life has Ups and Downs; the Trick is to Seize the Moment Rick Carone lost his battle with pancreatic cancer […]

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    Off-Season Activities for the Hunting Horseman

    Ways to Improve Skills, Prepare your Stock and Give Back This time of year as I drive back and forth […]

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    Alaska: The Last Elk Frontier

    Chasing Roosevelts in Big Bear Country My brother laughed with jubilation and relief as he popped the top off an […]

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    No Room for Error

    “I can't believe the only Saturday this fall without a volleyball game is the same weekend I'll be hunting elk […]

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