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    On a String

    Jess relives a thrilling, multi-year journey culminating in finally taking down a bull elk.
    Antlers and Acorns

    "And then it happened! As I was enjoying this beautiful fall morning on the Kaibab, I realized I was looking straight at a big buck, and he was looking straight at me. He was facing me, his body engulfed in a tall thicket of oak brush but his head was exposed as he ate acorns. He was the biggest buck I had ever had in front of me on a hunt."

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    DIY Alaska Brown Bear - A River Odyssey

    At the time, any chance of ever hunting for a grizzly bear was just a pipe dream; but even so, these stories were indelibly etched in our minds. One day, I thought, ‘I want to go on a hunt like this!’

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    Now or Never

    “You’ve got 48 minutes.”  The update snapped me back to reality. My next step would seal my fate. After being so cautious on the open face, I made the trees and started to relax. With one slip and the sound of gravel underfoot, the whole herd stood at attention.

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    Traditional Triumph

    Hunting has taught me to seek and embrace challenges. Whether that challenge is a more primitive weapon, a tougher style of hunting, or taking the risk to invest in an out-of-state hunt, I have learned that the effort put forth only makes the whole experience more rewarding, and I can’t wait for the next adventure.

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    Big Curl

    I walked over 165 miles, rode horses 50 miles, and lost almost 20 lb in 24 days. The experience was a test of will and perseverance and was my hardest hunt to date. It proved to me that you have to fail in order to make corrections for success.

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    Chapter Closed

    I lowered enough to stay out of sight and nocked an arrow. I drew my Hoyt and found my anchors. My heart was pounding, but I consciously took a slow breath as I settled my 60-yard pin.

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    Change of Mindset

    Brown bear hunting is something else. I highly recommend if it’s on your bucket list that you MAKE IT HAPPEN! You won’t regret it.

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    Change of Plans

    Now at less than 15 yards, I let out a soft cow call to stop him for a shot. The bull was so close that you can see my perfectly-placed arrow.

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    Quest for Velvet

    During application season in 2020, I knew I wanted to chase velvet mule deer above the timberline. I decided to go all-in for an archery tag in Colorado.

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    Four-Year Plan

    Am I really seeing this? It just seems too good to be true. A group of good bulls on public ground in the middle of rifle elk season, leisurely feeding on an open plateau. I started to formulate a game plan, but it wouldn’t be for that day or even that season.

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    Duzy the Dream

    It’s difficult to understand how a dream materializes, but for Storie Ratcliff his came in the form of a monster buck 7 years in the making.

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    Simply Perfect

    There was no wind; my pin was steady. I pulled through the release and snow exploded as the buck lunged forward and disappeared into the trees. I sank to my knees, drew in a deep, ragged breath, and waited for my nerves to unwind. The shot looked perfect, but time would tell...

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